Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Round Of Chemo Done:)

Fifteen years ago Jeffrey found out he had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. It was removed, but seven years later he was diagnosed with another one—this time, inoperable. At the time, his doctor gave him two years. But, six years later, he's still passionately fighting for a cure as National Brain Tumor Society's Board Chair. 

 I continue to be inspired by those that continue to not only survive, but fight for their cause so that other's can have the same opportunity to survive. Knowing that Jeffery was given two years to live and has been alive six, plus the seven after his diagnosis continues to give us all hope. 

It has been one month since our last post. I think of this with great excitement, because in our lives, no news can be good news:) David has started his chemo and completed his round of 5 days only a short few days ago. He experience minimal side effects. The most noticeable was lack of energy in the day.  But, that did not stop him from working two shifts during his five days of chemo. Let's just say, I try hard to never complain of being tired any more. I have no excuse. He will now be off for 3 weeks and take his next round between Christmas and New Years. He will continue this pattern for the next year. 

We will go back to MD Anderson on January 23rd for our 2 month appointment. I cannot believe how fast two months has gone. We will then again do another MRI and report if there are any changes. This too will be a pattern we will continue for the next year. All of this is added extra insurance to help manage this cancer. 

Other then that our lives are pretty normal. God has a purpose for this journey. I will never know his sole defining purpose, but I see all the amazing things that have come from such an ugly disease in our lives. We have grown closer as a family and with our family, David's faith is not only stronger but he has acknowledged the importance of living every day for God, we have become better parents, we have met so many new people that I cannot imagine not knowing, our relationships with others is stronger then ever and lastly we are a stronger team. I look forward to what other positive things come from this and continue to shine light on those things.

We are so grateful for your prayers and ask you to still continue. This fight is not over. Please continue to pray for our Sweet Friends Wren and Bryan Horn. Her battle continues. She is acknowledging that this battle is not a sprint but a marathon and she continues with the chemo and radiation. We love them so much and I still feel that she will cross that finish line cancer free one day. But, her strength comes from your support and prayers and we ask you to continue doing that this holiday season. 

Praying for each of you and hoping that you experience peace, love and laughter during this Christmas Season.

We had the pleasure of getting some snapshots taken a few weeks ago to remind us what we are thankful for, our two little ones. Enjoy

Hurst Family Photos