Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stepping Up

Parker enjoying his first fish catch of the day
Many people don't know this. But, David and I met through the story of a little boy. At the age of 28, David stepped up, loved and took care of a child that was not his own. He treated the child like a son and cared for him until the age of 6 when it was time for him to grow, be loved and cared for by his mother. During the time David cared for the child,  I came into the picture ( that is a whole other story, but a good one:). I admired and was comforted seeing a man  step up to care for someone that was not his. I was amazed at who David became as a father to this young child and his heart for the situation. I always told David that is why I fell in love with him, it was his heart.
That same young boy is turning 18 this month. Through some crazy God winks.....that are unexplainable..... we have reconnected and I have had the chance to tell him about who David was and how David loved him. 

This heart of David's continued as we had kids and grew in our friendships with other families. With the busy schedules of many dads, and the required girls night out for us mom's, he was the first to step up and be the fun dad and take the kids on walks, pecan tree visits, jeep rides and even change that occasional diaper. He was a man that........stepped up 

As the months have gone by, I have seen many fathers/husbands.......step my children's lives.  Whether it is taking Parker golfing, allowing Audrey the chance to join in a school lunch to just coming up and having a genuine heart to heart talk with my kids.... they have stepped up. Yes, they have busy schedules and families of their own, but they recognize the heart David had and the heart of the children he has left behind. They carry on the legacy and they......step up.  It is not out of obligation....but of love. Some have amazed me and I go home and the best way to thank their families is to pray for their rewards in heaven. That they will recognize the Godly legacy they are living and honoring. 
Today, we celebrated Parker's 4th birthday. With out asking, two men from our church........stepped up. Their wives and their families.......stepped up. They understood Parker's desire for fishing and what seemed like the impossible, they made possible. Of course, like all major Hurst events the last 6 months, it rained and rained. My prayer.........

Lord... keep the rain. We know the beauty in it. But, today. Today let Parker see the beauty in friendships. Let him see and feel creation and the joy of the wilderness and outside. Let him look to these men and see what it means to step up and know one day that his daddy was one of these men. And the rain...well, we will just dance in it. 

What do you know? The rain stopped when we showed up to the fishing pond. It was the most perfect and beautifulest of days for fishing. Each boy......caught a fish... ( with a little adult help). Our friends, Scott and Jeff organized the whole afternoon and fishing of fun. The part that makes it genuine.......they were not asked. I even tried to veto. This is not their job. They have families and busy jobs and lives of their own........but....they took time out of their day and did what we are all called to do........ step up. 

I thank each and everyone of you that have loved on our family. It is not an expectation, but when you do, it is a comfort. You have stepped up in our lives in ways that I know and you know, David would in yours. You have loved us, you have embraced our family, you have been models to my children and you have left and carried a legacy. We thank you for the non physical ways you step up......praying, thinking of us and following our journey and love you for it. 

As we came home, Parker, Audrey and I sat in the living room opening the presents..... just us. I sat there thinking how much I wish David was there with us three....ooohing and ahhhing with parker over all of his gifts. It was just then my phone beeped and later looked at it to see this picture from a friend saying........look outside your house! Look at the sky!

He hasn't stopped stepping up.............................

Taking Steps of Faith,

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