Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring post

Good afternoon, All is well in our lives and we continue to be blessed with good news. Today we had our regular two month follow-up at MD Anderson and they confirmed the MRI showed no growth of the tumor, confirming the report from the radiologists in Waco, TX. It's almost funny, for now, when we go to our doctor visits, we kinda joke about how carefree our lives are currently. We talk about the importance of keeping a positive attitude and remaining spiritually devoted. It is so awesome to consider the power of prayer and the awesomeness of God. Never before have I felt my fate so much in God's hands. He is the creator and the light and it feels so good to be alive in this world he has created. I try to be so much more focused in my daily life and take advantage of all he has given us. As a request back to all of you, be more deliberate in your lives and cherish each day as a true gift from God. Thanks for all the prayers God bless everyone, Dana & David Audrey & Parker