Monday, January 23, 2012

Follow-up Neuro-Oncology Visit

Happy New Year everyone,

Today was our follow-up visit at MD Anderson and Dana & I met with our new neuro-oncologist Dr Penas - Prado and everything went great. She is a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. She very politely introduced herself and even offered to slow down and explain in more detail any questions or issues Dana or I might have, if necessary. This made Dana feel very comfortable.

The doctor confirmed that the MRI performed Friday in Waco was very good with no tumor re-growth or change from the previous MRI 2 months ago, the first one post surgery & radiation treatment. So, great news! She did confirmed that I will need to have repeat MRI's every two months for the next year and then every three months for the following year.

Dana & I are very excited and appreciate all the prayers.

I am ready to start my third round of chemo this week. So far, the chemo is very tolerable, as long as I take the anti-nausea medicine Zofran. Another great blessing. Seems like I just did a round of chemo over New Years but I am very grateful I tolerate it well without side effects.

We are headed back to Waco tonight and Dana & I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers and wonderful support. We continue to be amazed at the overwhelming support we have received during the past six months. We have amazing friends both long time friends and new friends, from all walks of life. Friends from church, school, work and the neighborhood.

Thank you all of our wonderful friends and family,
God Blesses in different ways
God Bless each and everyone

David & Dana
Audrey & Parker

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MRI Friday....

It is amazing how the mind can make you believe and feel all things that are not of God...

I planned to post asking you all who love us so much and have been praying so hard for our family the past five months to continue, as David has his next MRI Friday and MD Anderson visit Monday. Since the beginning of this journey God has done so many wonderful things in our lives and continues to do many wonderful things strengthening our faith every day. Over the last two months our family has experienced many celebrations and blessing including the success of David's last two chemo treatments. 

However, as I post these blessings we have celebrated I am also faced with a sad feeling of the other side that Cancer can bring.   Today our wonderful friend and fighter Wren found out some disappointing news. I felt so selfish even writing requesting prayer for our family, because I felt she needs all the prayer. I went back and forth about this for the last hour until I realized who I'm dealing with....God.....really Dana? God can't handle us praying for two people? I have learned so much from Wren in my spiritual life and my life as a wife,  mother and friend. I have spoken of Wren in the past. She is a young mother of three, the youngest being just 5 months. She is a friend who is fighting Cancer that started in her colon and now in her lungs. Today my strong friend  found out the cancer in her lungs has grown and grown at an abnormally fast rate. With this news instead of being negative she has decided that she is ready to continue the fight and fight hard the next few months. She is my Friend in so many ways and I believe with all my heart that she will beat this. I know it is going to be one heck of a fight moving forward as they continue her radiation and give her the most chemo her body can possibly take. I also know that if anyone can do this and fight this hard it is her.

We are so lucky that we can pray and that God listens. We know that his purpose in all this will be fulfilled and we are to glorify him through all of this. Already in the last 5 months I think of all the amazing things and people that have started believing in God,  in faith, in love and hope just from Wren and David's story. 

So I ask of you, our family and friends, to please pray for peace for the Horn family....pray for their boys Braden, 3 and Eli 18 months that they will be resilant to all that is going on...Pray for God to kill the cancer and for Wren to have the strength to fight it. 

Pray for David's MRI on Friday. For good results....for no re growth.....for continued good chemo dosages.....

And thank God for all that he has already done....that David and Wren continue to hold true to their faith and the relationship we are so lucky to have with the Horns.....

If you would like to read Wren's story and see how you can help, you can join her Facebook Group, Wren Horn Support.....

Lots of Love to you all and I look forward to writing good results on Friday..........