Monday, January 23, 2012

Follow-up Neuro-Oncology Visit

Happy New Year everyone,

Today was our follow-up visit at MD Anderson and Dana & I met with our new neuro-oncologist Dr Penas - Prado and everything went great. She is a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. She very politely introduced herself and even offered to slow down and explain in more detail any questions or issues Dana or I might have, if necessary. This made Dana feel very comfortable.

The doctor confirmed that the MRI performed Friday in Waco was very good with no tumor re-growth or change from the previous MRI 2 months ago, the first one post surgery & radiation treatment. So, great news! She did confirmed that I will need to have repeat MRI's every two months for the next year and then every three months for the following year.

Dana & I are very excited and appreciate all the prayers.

I am ready to start my third round of chemo this week. So far, the chemo is very tolerable, as long as I take the anti-nausea medicine Zofran. Another great blessing. Seems like I just did a round of chemo over New Years but I am very grateful I tolerate it well without side effects.

We are headed back to Waco tonight and Dana & I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers and wonderful support. We continue to be amazed at the overwhelming support we have received during the past six months. We have amazing friends both long time friends and new friends, from all walks of life. Friends from church, school, work and the neighborhood.

Thank you all of our wonderful friends and family,
God Blesses in different ways
God Bless each and everyone

David & Dana
Audrey & Parker