Sunday, February 2, 2014

He is laid to Rest

It was read..........
David, you are loved, you are missed, you are cherished and you are forever in our lives. We will always honor you and believe your soul rest with us...........You are daddy, you are husband, you are friend and you are love. Your body will now rest back to creation. Your request, where nature prevails. Your spirit will live in our hearts forever.  We will always feel your continued peace in our lives... we will see you soon, love you always and forever. Dana, Audrey and Parker
David loved the freedom of skiing, the thrill and the peaceful beauty of the magnificent creation of God's mountains. It was decided weeks before David's death, half of his ashes would be spread where he found the most peace, the Colorado mountains. For the pass eight plus years, fifteen guys have gotten together, to travel, to experience and to share in the joy of skiing. These were David's " buddies". Many who were close to David knew his excitement and anticipation upon the yearly, " guys ski trip." I on the other hand, will fully admit, I did not share in that same excitement. Which is why, I did not attend these, nor was I invited:) There are some things just meant for the guys:)
Many may question, why I did not take part in this most symbolic ceremony. Again, there are some things just meant for the guys. David was suppose to be on this trip this year. David was the first one down the mountain, hollering his Woot Woot and skiing fearlessly with a huge smile on his face. That is where David should have been this year. But, he was not. This year, these guys, these friends took on the task of doing something their hearts never planned and their lives did not intend. Instead of racing down the first place of fresh powder, they were carrying a black box of ashes of a body of their dearest and closest friend. These loyal, loving men, who I am proud to call David's friends hiked to the top of Telluride, Colorado mountain, 13,000 feet and shared their hearts in prayer, in the most beautiful place imaginable and spread the ashes of their dearest, most loving friend, David. I felt a peace all day today, knowing that David was honored in a way from those he loved and called family. I was comforted to know, the planning, the perfection put into every detail to put David's earthly body to rest. I was saddened as this moves us one more step forward in a place where I wish I could be ten steps backward and never even have to enter. But, we are here. And we will continue to move forward, knowing that David is with us. Friendship  means so many things on so many levels. These men took their hearts to a level that I know will be with them forever. Our family, Audrey, Parker and I , are forever grateful for the way they stood up today for our family, for their daddy and my husband and friend. These pictures will serve as a memory for Parker and Audrey. They will know who their daddy was, because of the friends he carried in his life. It will show Parker the example, of what it means to be a man and to stand up for a friend when God calls you.  

Did you know you need a knife? As these men hiked to the one else around. They pulled out the black box. But, couldn't open? No one thought about a knife to open the box. Kind of like, a lighter to light the birthday candle. Who would of thought:)  Out of nowhere a snowboarder appeared. They hadn't seen him their whole way up the mountain, nor did they see him again. He noticed what they were doing and said, "Hey man. Sorry about your friend, do you need a knife?"  The guys of course said yes, opened the box with the borrowed knife. Told the guy thanks and with in seconds the snowboarder was gone.
There is no doubt in my mind, although David was not with them physically, he was present, one step ahead the whole time.