Monday, March 26, 2012

MD Anderson March 26 2012 . 4th round Chemo done!!

Hello everyone,
Today was our follow-up MD Anderson Neuro-oncology visit with Dr PeƱas-Prada and all things are great. Each visit we meet with a resident/fellow in neuro-oncology and of course each one is different. Today, Mark was our fellow and Dana and I both agreed he was very dorky and awfully shy. But, he did a very comprehensive neuro exam, maybe the most thorough. I passed without any problems and Dana still wonders if I am faking it.

Great news is the MRI from last Tuesday is unchanged from all the previous post-op ones and the bimonthly blood tests are also very normal with no big changes in my white blood count or platelets. (the 2 most affected by my chemo pills)

So, all is well. It is also great to get home to Houston to have dinner with my family and see everyone is well and catch up with all the news in each family. My sister will graduate from nursing school in December 2012, my brother lost 30 pounds and wants to lose 20 more, my brother-in-law bought an awesome Traeger automatic smoker, my dad has long hair and my mom read another book and finished another quilt. Ron is in another weight-loss contest and it started today, good luck with the contest.

On another note, a close church family was involved in a car accident on I-35 in Waco and their 13yo son suffered a bad head injury and is in critical care at Children's ICU in Temple. We need you to include prayers for a speedy & full recovery for Tanner and support prayers for his family.

Also, my church cancer buddy Wren is holding up well despite the rigors of heavy bimonthly IV chemo. She has been a super trooper through her ordeal and Dana and her girlfriends have been very helpful with securing her help with a weekly nanny that helps her out, takes care of the 3kids and cleans & cooks! What a God send!

Our family is doing well and we want to thank everyone for praying and know that it does not go unnoticed!!! I have endured this entire ordeal with very few complications or side-effects and get to lead a very active lifestyle with my wife and kids!

Thanks for all the prayers and please continue to pray for us as well as yourselves and your families, please also say a prayer for Tanner and Wren.

Through my ER career, I have learned to live everyday to its fullest and I am constantly reminded of the fragility of life and how our live are in God's hands.

God Bless
David & Dana
Audrey & Parker