Sunday, May 4, 2014


This blog has been our diary from day one. It served as a place where we could write our progress, write our story and when we thought we were touching other's lives...we found God used it to touch ours instead.

It has been hard sometimes to I feel humbled not by the words God has given me..........because they are not mine but his, but by the emotion he has laid upon my life. The emotion is real, it is honest, it is truth. It takes me places that sometimes I have to step back to understand and embrace. 

I believe by now, you know my heart when I write and understand that this platform has been the one place, besides my one on one time in prayer, I feel I can openly and honestly share our journey and be vulnerable. Through the last six months it has been comforting to know how our story has helped others,  but in reality...the biggest blessing of this blog is how it has blessed our family through your ministry to us. 

I struggled. The people I thought God would use in my life, the people that were my Christian superhero's God did not use. I will be honest.....he shocked me...saddened me....and disappointed me by not using them. But, at the same time he surprised me, humbled me, healed me, by using those I never expected. Whether it was an acquaintance who took a bold step checking in on old friendship from High school where it brought email from someone I never met who shared their hurt and heart to inspire me......or the yard guy who speaks barely any English...he used them. 

Just looking at the bible...We find God used ordinary people to share his love and purpose. Abraham, a normal man who all were blessed through..........Moses a man who led a nation but was reluctant and insecure........A young shepherd David, who later became king of Israel.........and a young virgin Mary who was the mother of Jesus. It was the people that were least expected and just ordinary, like you and I.

Just when I feel alone and like no one gets this feeling of wanting to move forward but needing to step back........he uses the " salt " of the earth to show me he is not far. I have hovered over the many way's God uses the reference of salt in the bible........I have often wrote on this desire to be that salt.......and I am thankful to you, for being the salt in my life......

I believe our children speak so much truth. Let's face it...they are the most honest little things. And with that truth, it is always a fine line teaching them what is appropriate to say and not to say:)  But, they also see more then we can see. They open their eyes to the world around them. Often something we fail to do with our busy lives and schedules. 

Just as I struggle with my purpose in life.... Audrey brings home this the other day........

" Cloudy with a chance of Salt" I had to laugh. Once again........God......Wink Wink.....
( they don't stop!:) When asking her......she has no idea why she put salt...she just did:) It's raining salt mommy. Yes , it is:)

This phrase...represents my daily walk with Christ. Our circumstances...loosing an amazing man......present some cloudy days...but just when I least expect it......there is that chance, if I allow myself to open my heart to it and to accept it....for God to rain a little salt in my life.

My revelation this past week......It was the ordinary...simple gestures of others hearts that showed me God's love. I want to continue to open my heart to accepting it more and at the same time......pray my ordinary and simple actions will show someone else that despite their cloudy days...God is raining a little salt in their lives. 

My favorite song right now, is the Matthew West song, Do something. I think this YouTube video is great representing the lyrics of a song that shows the ability for us...ordinary people....." to do something" Do Something- Matthew West

Dear God, let us go about this week and understand our gestures do not need to be mighty to be impactful, but instead can be simple to be lasting. Allow us to search our hearts and you,  in ways you can take our ordinary lives and take cloudy days to make sunshine. At the same time, let us be humbled to know, you will use other's in our lives and our hearts are always a work in progress and the chance to be ministered an opportunity to see you.

Taking Steps By Faith,