Sunday, November 13, 2011

MRI Tomorrow!

We hope everyone is enjoying the transition in the time change and the fall weather. We have spent the last couple weeks since radiation keeping busy. David went back to work! He has worked Four ER shifts thus far and back at all the administration duties as Director of the ER. He is enjoying being back, but definitely very tired after a 12 hour shift.  I think his record bed time now is 7 p.m. ! The doctors said that radiation is still in effect for a couple weeks after your last radiation treatment. So hopefully the exhaustion will wear off in the next few weeks. 

Our hearts , minds , thoughts and prayers have been at peace these last three months with God, knowing that everything is in his hands and we seek him for the the strength and peace we need to move forward. Also, in the last 3 months we have been non stop fighting this disease while also living our lives as normal as possible. When radiation was done, it was a celebration  but also an awakening. It gave me the time to really stop and think and accept this change and journey in our lives. 

I am so grateful for the people that God has surrounded David and I with. Having the time to really think, it is only human and natural, to also have feelings of helplessness, acceptance, bitterness and anger. It was David's first shift that I attended our evening life group and had the opportunity to basically vent. Vent for the anger that I have felt and feel for why this is happening to us? And it was then that I was not only comforted by my friends but reassured that God is God and he can handle my anger. I believe the truth, to be strong we must be weak. And this was by far my ultimate day of weakness. Having that night with friends and the opportunity for us to spend time just praying gave me the strength to be the mom and wife I need to continue to be for David and the kids as we walk this journey. 

God always is there and listening and I was reminded of this, this morning. David and I were asked with our friends the Pryor's to lead a small group for 2nd and 3rd Graders at our church. It was there that God took my anger and dealt with my anger with 1 Thessalonians 5:18. This was the verse we were suppose to help the 2nd and 3rd graders memorize, " We are to give thanks in all circumstance for it is God's Will through his son Jesus Christ, " wow! Hello Dana:) Was that hitting me right in the face. Knowing this, I know it's OK to be weak and it's OK to feel helpless but having those feelings I stop and give thanks for all that God has blessed our family with. Our children, our families, our friends, our church, our home, life! 

This all being said, tomorrow is our MRI. I cannot wait to see the scan. I feel so positive and at peace for tomorrow. I also know this is the first of many MRI's in our future. As we will probably have them every two months. And I cannot let fear rule each one. We are moving forward, we are fighting and David is the example to show it. 

The MRI is at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow at Hill Crest. We ask that you continue to pray for healing and God to continue to be miraculous in David's life. We will update everyone as to what the MRI shows. We will then go to MD Anderson on November 21st with the MRI and blood work and have an idea of the next step.

Here are pictures from David's last day of radiation for those of you who haven't seen them on facebook!

We love you all and thank you again for your prayers, love and support for our family!

From our family to yours!