Thursday, October 27, 2011

Radiation! Done!

We have had a crazy last two weeks of radiation. Which has been wonderful, because once again, David has not let this Cancer control his life, but instead tried to control it:)  Between Radiation treatments the past two weeks David had the opportunity to go to California for a conference and re connect with some old buddies and I had the opportunity to go to Chicago to spend some time celebrating my friend Lindsay's engagement. My sister flew in and Brother which was so awesome and gave the kids some much needed Aunt Megan and Uncle Ryan time. David also got to go to South Dakota for 5 days and hunt pheasants with family and friends. This is a trip that he gets to go on every year and was super excited that he could post pone his last two radiation treatments so that he could go.    (Only David would post pone radiation to go hunting) 
Here are a couple pictures from the last two weeks. 
David and some friends at the ACEP Conference in California

Audrey, Parker and David at the Fair. Week 5 of Radiation

Week 5 of Radiation Completed!

This all being said we just completed the 6th week, 30th treatment this past Wednesday! Thank you to everyone who sent text messages, phone calls, emails and came out to surprise David! He was truly surprised when we pulled up to the Fentress Cancer Center and everyone was standing out with Green Balloons and wearing Green! Oh and not to mention the Green Bracelets that say TEAM HURST 1 SAMUEL CHAPTER 17, the David and Goliath story. We have already passed out 100 bracelets, Let us know if you would like some and we will send out:) Thanks to my wonderful friends who did the bracelets. We also had Embrace Photography there to capture the moments and will post those once we get them.

I look back at how nervous I was when we found out we had to do radiation, but once we started the process I was actually at peace knowing that we were being treated. Once we started the radiation and after I was done googling all the bad things that can happen during radiation the fear started to go away, because all I really cared about was that the tumor was gone. A lot of people have asked for a detailed explanation of David's tumor and what it exactly means. The best way for me to describe it, the non MD, is he had a tree in his brain. The tree got removed, but they could not remove all the roots. So, the radiation was shot at where the tree was in hopes to kill off all the dead roots so that we can prolong anything growing back. I hope that kind of sums it up for everyone, but that is how it was explained to me by Dr. Groves at MD Anderson and I could not ask for a better explanation:) The major side effects from Radiation David could have experienced, he did not.  The only thing he experienced was the hair loss and some insomnia. I am still just praising God every minute that he has carried us through this journey so easily and so many miraculous things have happened. Reading the stories on the National Brain Tumor Society Website I see what could have been and am just thanking every moment that our situation has turned out like it has. I don't know if it is the thought of Cancer, the tumor? Or maybe that there is NO TUMOR now, but we David and I are a better couple, parents, friends, family then we have every been. And it feels good to see good come from something like this.

So now radiation is done and although the excitement of surprising David helped turn this into a celebration, there has also been a lot of anxiety on my part as far as what is next? But, I am praying hard every day that I will continue to surround David and the kids with life as normal as we can make it and enjoy every minute and every day and not let fear run our lives. There are people that have had David's tumor and not had any re growth for years and years. And I hold on to the hope and faith that this will be us.

We have been approved to go to MD Anderson and keep the relationship with Dr. Groves. We will have an MRI on November 14th here in Waco and ask that every one continue to pray that day for the results. Once again, I hold on to the fact the more we pray David's name, the brighter it is on God's hand:) We will then take the MRI results to Dr. Groves on November 21st and find out what is next. Most likely we will do Chemo. And I am OK with that, but maybe I should ask David if he is OK with that:) Chemo is treating it. And I just like when we are getting any treatment we can. The Chemo will not be as invasive as other Chemo's and will involve taking a pill for 5 days and then being off for a month and continuing that for however many months Dr. Groves recommends.

As said, David is doing remarkably well. I laugh, because I tell him he is now Normal. It is hard for me to describe and many around him can a test to the same thing. He is more at ease, more focused, more balanced in mood and personality, you name it. He has been given the written OK from his doctors that he can begin to go back to work next week. He is SO READY and I am so ready to:) He has been doing administrative stuff the past month but is itching to get back to work. I am so proud of him! We also are going to run in a 5K run this weekend for the child advocacy Center. I had signed up to run and he would like to run and support the cause to. He has been getting out the past few days to gear up and although he needs to take a couple short breaks, he is up and at it:)

I have a smile on my face thinking of David and how surprised he was Wednesday and how it not only surprised him, but gave him the opportunity to hug and thank everyone for coming out to support him. We want nothing but the best for each and everyone one of our friends and family and continue to ask God to bless each of you for all of the wonderful things you have done for our family. We are forever grateful. Although, this journey is one of fear, anxiety, sick, we know that there is beauty that can come from it and we know that God is solid through it all.

Here is a video my Sister's 5th grade class made for David to congratulate him on his last day! Enjoy! I know we did:)

WE love you all!

David, Dana, Audrey and Parker:)