Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4th Week done and into the 5th week!

 Uncle Ryan heading to Friday's radiation appointment with us. Of course, Starbucks in hand
 The kids watching daddy through the camera. As you can see, the nurse is trying to keep them from touching the equipment behind her. Don't need any buttons pressed to mess with Daddy's radiation!
 This would be Parker starting to cry because he can't press the speaker button and talk to Daddy during the actual radiation:)
                                                     4th weeks completed! Yeah!

                                Special treat after radiation, carving some pumpkins with daddy
Wow! The last week went so fast with birthday celebrations and a visit from my Brother in New York. We had such a great time spent with Ryan and even had the opportunity to take him to one of David's radiation appointments. Ryan was shocked on how fast the treatment was and how much the kids enjoyed going to see daddy. As you can see from the pictures we shaved more of David's hair. He receives lots of comments on how he has the perfect shaped head for being bald:) He is starting to like it and getting used to it. We are now starting the 5th week, Woot Woot! I can not believe how time is flying. He is still doing well. At work and still exercising. The biggest changes are just fatigue and at night some insomnia. But, these are all things that should be better once he is finished with radiation. And it could be  A LOT WORSE!

We are excited to have my sister come in town this week and watch the kids. I will leave Friday-Sunday to visit friends in Chicago and celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends Lindsay. And David will leave friday after radiation to go to California for the American College of Emergency Physician Conference. He will be back Sunday to start his 6th week of radiation! It will be nice to get away for both of us this weekend and have some time spent with others.

We also had a wonderful time this past Sunday night with Wren and her husband Brian. I am so excited to say that Wren has officially started treatment this past monday. You can check out Wren's blog at www.harriscreek.org. On the right you will see Horn Family Updates. We have such a great time with Wren and Brian and so thankful that God has connected us. 

The kids are still doing well and love going to radiation with daddy. They are having A LOT of time spent with David since he is home and Audrey has even requested that we go back to Houston and get Daddy's boo boo taken care of so that she can stay here and have a sleep over with her friends:)

We are so thankful for all the prayers. Call me crazy, but I am a visual person. I envision David and Wren's names scrolled on God's hands. I see them very bright. And then I see them fade, and then I see them brighten up again. The times that they are brightening are when you all are praying day and night for our family. For healing, for peace, for strength, for understanding and much much more. The power of prayer can do wonders. We anxiously await our appointment on NOvember 10th with MD Anderson to see the results and what radiation took care of. So, keep including our families in your prayers. We have had time spent with little Grace, Wren's new baby. She is so precious and truly and Angel. God has a plan for little Grace.

We love you all!

Dana, David, Audrey and Parker.