Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surgery Mid-Morning Update

This update is being posted by Breck.
Things are going well so far!  David is in surgery right this now and as far as we know is doing well. 

Dana, David's family and their friend Alex received an update at 8:30AM stating the doctors had just finished the preliminary MRI and were just about to begin the surgery. This is the last update we've received so far.

Updates at MD Anderson are given by the nurses at 8AM, 10AM and 2PM and in order of the suite the patient is in.  David is in the 32nd suite today.  So, needless to say, it takes a bit for them to get around to informing Dana's family once they begin their regular updates.

Dana and David arrived at the hospital at 6:30AM this morning to get prepped for surgery.  David apparently really likes the IV tubing they have at MD Anderson so his doctor gave him a few to take back to use in the ER. :)

The plan this morning was to give David an MRI (while under anethesia) before the surgery, then to operate on him and then give him a final MRI before waking him up.  If the second MRI shows they did not get the results the doctors want, they will continue surgery.  If they get satisfactory results on the MRI, they will finish up and allow him to go to recovery.  David is in the Brain Imaging Suite of the hospital so that the doctors can take MRIs of his brain before surgery and afterwards to confirm they got what they needed.  This is just one of the reasons David and Dana really love MD Anderson.

We are doing well in the hospital waiting room, the same waiting room we were in during David's last surgery.  The mood is lighter this time around, though.  I think everyone is more comfortable during this surgery, having been through this before and believing David's surgery will reveal good things. 

Dana is feeling good, laughing and enjoying time with friends and family.  She has been given tons of great magazines and yummy candy to munch on while she waits.   

This morning, while David went back to surgery, a number of friends of David and Dana gathered to pray for a successful surgery, for no blood clots and for the results to reveal no tumor.  This was very touching to Dana and David to know that while friends could not be present with them first this this morning at the hospital, they were present in spirit and in prayer.  Dana really appreciates their sweet friend, Claire, for putting this together as well as for all those who rose bright and early to be there.

I will try to update in another hour or so, once we get our next update.  But for now, no news is good news! :)