Monday, March 18, 2013

Surgery Week

Tomorrow we head to Houston in the morning for our round of appointments before surgery on Wednesday. Surgery time will be confirmed tomorrow!  We will make sure to let everyone know the time as soon as we find out!  The past four weeks have gone so fast! We spent last week in Vail with family and friends. It was refreshing to get away and David got to spend time doing one of the many things he is most passionate about....skiing. To make it even more special, Audrey is getting to where she can join Daddy up on the mountain. We had to make a new rule with her, no going through the trees unless Daddy goes first. Parker on the other hand, not so much. He enjoys just making and throwing Snowballs!:) 

Once we got back from Vail we were overwhelmed as we were surrounded by so many friends who made sure to take that extra effort to make this time spent before surgery as joyous as it can be. Two of David's close friends and neighbors Greg and Scotty treated David to a fishing trip down on the coast for a few days. I did not get too much detail , ( can there be in fishing?) but do know David came back with one hard core sun burn and no fish. But, all that mattered was the time spent with friends and enjoying the peace of the coast. I on the other hand welcomed my mom on Saturday and then that evening was beyond excited when 10 close friends put together a relaxing evening of good food, drinks and great conversation. Couldn't have imagined a better Saturday night. To top it off, each friend brought me a bouquet of flowers to freshen our home and great reading materials for the hospital!
WE are grateful for my mom and her time spent from work to take care of our children while we are gone. For David's family and their walk with us every step as we face this week and our friends. Who pretty much have ever detail of our lives planned and taken care of and all of you! All of you , who pray boldly for our family, who care for us. We pray for many blessings for you and pray that God would provide you with all the thanks that we are humanly not possible to give.