Monday, February 25, 2013

S&W insurance Update

Good evening everyone,

I am very excited and happy to update everyone that my surgery should go off without a hitch on March 20!  Yeah!!!

I really want to thank everyone for their loving prayers these past few weeks and for the past few years, it has meant so much to Dana & I and our children.  Without your support and prayers it would be a daunting and overwhelming journey! So, thank you very much.

Back to the update, I have been calling my PCP and S&W Insurance everyday since MD Anderson and Dana & I formulated the plan for surgery on March 20.  Once again I am continually amazed at the complexity of health insurance, and I am a doctor in the system.  But, going back to January of 2012, S&W Insurance changed from a HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) to a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), which today, I found out I don't need a per-authorization for surgery.  I also found out that MD Anderson hospital system has a working agreement / association with S&W and therefor, after deductible, my max out of pocket expenditure would be $5,000.

So, now we can proceed forward with the plan of surgery and on with life.

I will continue to update everyone as things progress.

We love everyone so much and want you to remember yourselves and family and friends in your prayers as we all live in this world at the grace of God and his son Jesus.

David & Dana
Audrey & Parker