Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Feb 11,2013 Neuro-oncology visit

Good Afternoon everyone,

This morning we received several text messages from friends in Waco of a beautiful rainbow shining after a rainy morning. We also received a picture of friends coming together in prayer right during our appointment. All of these messages provided Dana and I with complete peace and comfort knowing that so many were connecting to God and praying our name during our MD Anderson appointment. We also were encouraged after we left church yesterday and many sat around us with love and prayer.

This morning we met with the Neuro-Oncologist, Dr Penas-Prada.  She reviewed the MRI from last week and sounded very encouraging that this new spot may not represent new tumor but possibly new changes residual from radiation treatment last year. This was so amazing to hear and gave us much hope. We right away knew this was confirmation that your prayers and thoughts for us are being heard. Some may ask...why now do we see the changes from radiation? When radiation was a year ago?  As the normal surrounding tissue begins to grow, often it can have some inflammatory changes that can look different. And this could be what that spot is.

Either way, we will meet with our neuro-surgeon, Dr Ganesh Rao, tomorrow and get his opinion.  Dr Penas-Prada said her opinion would be total resection either way and then look at it under the microscope.  She indicated that there is really no other way to know.  She also indicated that this spot is in the front of the brain. Very easy to get to and in a place that is it not affecting anything else. Surgery ( although always can have complications) should be minor compared to our first surgery 18 months ago. Dana and I are very ok with this plan and will follow the recommendations of the experts and continue to pray with all our family and friends that this is not a tumor but instead just damaged cells from radiation.

All in all....we know you all have been praying boldly for us. And we want you to know we are thankful for the time you are spending to pray for this to not be a tumor. Being a physician, I am a realist, and did not think there was an option that this was not a tumor, but my eyes were opened today and I saw once again the power of prayer.

Also, a very good friend and colleague told me a story yesterday that was very encouraging.  We talked about a good friend of her and her husband's that had a similar original diagnosis and treatment. He too had a recurrence at 2 years and a second surgery / resection and has been cancer free now 7 years. 

I am thankful for the prayers and well wishes from our friends and family.  It is so inspirational and uplifting to once again see the wonderful enthusiasm and energy generated by our close family and friends.  All the prayer circles and prayer meetings give Dana and I the energy to perservere.  We love each and everyone of you and thank you so much for caring and praying like you do. We will send an update after our meeting with the surgeon tomorrow.  God Bless each and everyone of you.