Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Real Rebecca...Sunny Susie back tomorrow

Thank you to a friend who sent this today.... perfect timing. 

" Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you, " 1 Peter 5:7

I don't know who has it the hardest when it comes to Cancer? Is it the person fighting it to not control their life? Is it the caregiver holding it all together? Is it the children that see the parent challenged by the daily hardship of it? Or is is the mom and dad who have the child physically taken over by it. 

When your little girl prays her prayer, " Dear Lord, we pray that daddy will remember our names tomorrow " or you hear your husband tell his life long friend that he is sad and fearful of the gradual loss of memory and down right scared, or you visit the home of someone fighting the same Cancer with months to live and then minutes later sign your will to make sure everything is in place for your own then stop and look back and realize, this was all experienced in one day? How can that be? And that is when you surrender yourself to your faith. Because at the end of the day you realize you have nothing else...... your life is empty with out it.

Please pray for our family today, tonight. The struggles are getting harder and the prayers are getting louder.  There are tough days like today, and there are great days to. Today we have started to notice some more memory loss with David. The loss is simple things like names of people and things. This is extremely hard when it comes to being with some of your closest friends and you love them, care about them, but you can't remember their name. The realization of this has caused fear in David. Not fear of death, but fear of being alive and not being cognitively able to communicate to his children, his family and his friends. 

This is plain and simple not easy.  When we got the diagnosis of Glioblastomia we knew what could come. We have had three Avastin treatments and half way through radiation.  Our MRI will be somewhere between September 27th - September 30th. Please know that our family is still positive in our faith, but we are also honest and real when their are hard days..... and hope our honest and vulnerability will let others know, we know trials aren't easy, they are tough, they suck. LIFE is not easy and it is OK to say it. No matter what your trial is , not one trial is too small or too large for our God. Thank you to so many people who have continued to spend time with David calling, taking him to lunch and being so patient and understanding with him. It has meant the world to him and our family. Thank you to friends who understand when we just need time as a family and know when this mama just needs to take a break from everything. 

I heard David talking on the phone to a friend about Colorado when this is all done. This is his place, his place where he is most connected to God's beauty. Pray this happens. Pray we can experience those mountains many more times. Pray for David's mind and heart to be at peace. Pray that he is healed from the effects of Brain Cancer and that our kids will be sheltered. Pray for more memories and the MRI in a few weeks. No growth, shrinking, and by GOD a miracle of no tumor. There are times I feel to weak in emotions to is in those weak times I know you all are carrying us in prayer so much so amidst the tears I continue to just say peacefully over and over .... " Lord, hear their prayers "

With Love,

The Hurst Family