Saturday, July 27, 2013


Good morning! We hope this email finds each of you well! It has been awhile since we have written. The past 4 weeks have been amazing but crazy. Keeping busy we have found can be the best therapy for our family. On July 8th we were filled with so much gratitude and joy when 15 of our friends from Waco threw together a party of celebration for David. With 175 people showing up, we saw nothing but Green Team Hurst shirts, bracelets and koozies! We had some surprise visits from some of David's closest friends in Houston and family as well. This night gave us the opportunity to thank so many people in Waco that have stood by supporting us in bold prayer as we faced this journey the past two years. Showing people how grateful we are is something I always worry about. I want everyone to know, that we see and hear God so loud through each of you. Through you he gives us the wisdom, the strength and joy to battle through this journey. And we are forever grateful. Here are some pictures from the event. 

David's parents:)

Thank you to our amazing hostesses ( not pictured EVEY ELLIS AND DEANNA STARLING) for making this an amazing evening for us!

After we had the joys of the party, with the help of a gracious friend, David got to spend a week in Chili! He had never been to a country like this and experience anything like it. He had an awesome time and got to enjoy the mountains of Chili ( winter there). Thankful to God for providing him with an abundant amount of energy and no headaches so he could have a trip of a life time!

But, wait it doesn't stop there! We picked David up from the Dallas airport and went straight to Pine Cove Family Camp after that! A-mazing experience! It did take me a few days to get used to sleeping in a cabin and some of the critters that thought our cabin was more enjoyable then outside! But, we learned so much as a family and met so many amazing people and friends! David and I had the awesome opportunity with others at the camp to listen to Ben Stewart, the Breakaway Minister at A&M. God reveled so much to us throughout the week on how to really just put our faith in him and spread that to your home. How important it is for Audrey and Parker to see us walk our daily journey and see how amazing God is through it. We also had the chance to zip line, banana boat ride and mountain bike. The last day of camp David experienced his first headache in a long time. It was the first time we were late to breakfast. It actually turned out to be perfect timing as we walked in to a room filled with parents, kids, counselors all wearing David's Team Hurst Shirts and Bracelets. They stood up and clapped and I can say I felt so much love and support in that room with people we just met. David right away thought I had something to do with this amazing surprise. But, this was one of the few times I was just as surprised as he. We felt so loved to find out wonderful friends Glenn and Rhonda Robinson coordinated the whole thing from Waco, Texas. God is good and very alive and carrying us every step and it showed in that room. When we sat down, sweet Audrey whispered in my ear. Mommy how do they all know Daddy has Cancer? It was that opportunity I could use what we learned and explained to her that it was OK others knew, that we as a community can come together and pray for Daddy and all these people want to do this with us. Here is a picture of al the parents after in their shirts!

Audrey and her camp buddies

One of the campers supporting Team Hurst

Happy Camper

So, were does this all leave us now???? We have had so much fun having family time. We have dug deeper into our faith through all of this! We have grown even more in our faith and our love as a family! We continue to be and feel great strength through all of you that God uses in our lives! We are home! And is back to reality:( Today, 4:45 David will have his first MRI after being on the trial for 4 weeks. His symptoms as always this past four weeks have been minimal. Which I wish that meant something...but the one thing I do know is that it allows us to walk through this journey easier and I thank God for that. But, the tumor is still there. Or at least we think. Today we will find out if it has grown, shrunk, stood still who knows. Depending on what it has done we will go to MD Anderson for our appointment monday morning. Dr. Prada will either continue us on trial or look at other treatment options.

We will update the blog and let everyone know. We again thank you for your encouragement for your prayers, for your love and for the joy you provide in our lives. Everyone has asked us for specific prayer...I ask that you take time today. To spend time asking the holy spirit to lead you in what to pray for. I can give you a million things, but ask that you have that time and feel that peace and comfort in prayer in prayer for our family.

We taught this verse to our kids this week and hope we can continue to do it in our lives through our journey....

" Whatever you do , do all for the glory of God " 1 Corinthians 10:31 

Love, the Hurst Family