Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just when you think you have a plan:)

We have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of my brother and sister and her husband today. My brother will be flying in from New York and has not been to visit in 2 years! We are excited to give him a warm Texas welcome ! My sister and her husband will be flying in from Nebraska. Both arrive late this evening!

We were busy today getting ready when we received a phone call around 2 p.m. from MD Anderson. They spoke to our radiation oncologist in Waco and he said he would be more comfortable with us seeing the radiation oncologist in Houston at MD Anderson. He felt that MD Anderson has more experience with re-occuring Brain Tumors and the appropriate radiation treatment needed. This being said, they want us back in Houston tomorrow for a 1:30 appointment. The chemo that we were to start tomorrow in Waco, will be put on hold and it looks like treatment may all be done at MD Anderson. So, we will be welcoming my sweet family tonight and then giving them an extra big welcome by leaving them with a very darling toothless 5 year old and a fighting ninja 3 year old. My brother's one request, to not be woken up at 6 a.m. Ooops......

Selfishly I have been so excited for the arrival of my siblings and a weekend at home! It looks like their first day here won't be as planned but I appreciate God's perfect timing and providing the perfect babysitters when needed:) We will update the blog and let everyone know what our appointment says. We hope to be coming back tomorrow to spend time with the family as their visit is very short. If treatment is to begin in Houston next week this will mean A LOT of changes for our family. We have a lot of specific prayers....

Please pray for guidance and wisdom
Please pray for God's plan
Please pray for the knowledge of our Radiation Oncologist
Please pray for Davids persistent headaches
Please pray for this Mama's is starting to run on empty
Please pray for safe travels for our family tomorrow as we drive back and forth from Houston
Please pray tonight for safe travels as my family will be traveling from Austin and Dallas to arrive to Waco
Thank God for the amazing day he gave us today
Thank God for the miracles he has performed already
Thank God for sweet audrey and her heart as tonight was the First night she decided on her own to pray for Daddy's Cancer
Thank God for placing David's parents 43 years ago in a house they would call home! This home is one mile from MD Anderson and we feel so blessed to have the convenience of family there!
Thank God for ALL the A-Mazing people that want to help our family so bad. If only I knew how....The one thing I do know is to just Pray boldly!

He is Faithful,