Saturday, July 27, 2013


So amazing to have so many people, email, call and text the past few hours. Words of encouragement, scripture, bold prayer and just a simple thinking of you! Thank you. David had his MRI today and it appears that the tumor has doubled in size. Two times the size it was and even bigger then the first one two years ago. When David sent me a picture of the MRI, I was shocked that something that massive and huge has taken over David's brain and he is still functioning... I patiently put the kids to bed and waited anxiously for David to get home tonight so we could just spend time talking and praying on what all this means.

David and I both continue to be very open and straightforward on what this all looks like for our family. We talked about what does Healing really mean? Many have asked if they can pray for healing for David? It has caused some open conversation on what does healing mean in a persons life? The simple answer would brain cancer. But, when we look back at David's past two years, we don't see the life of someone with Cancer. We have traveled as a family more then we have in 10 years of marriage, we have created some AMAZING moments and memories with our kids, our marriage is stronger then it was even the day we were married, David is spiritually healed and stronger in his faith, he was able to helicopter ski twice this past two years, go to Chili, get a motor bike, learn to motor bike ( helpful) , we have strengthened relationships in our family, we have strengthened friendships, we have created many new friendships, become involved in our church, he even won a hula hoop contest on chemo...the list can go on. Because of Brain Cancer we have lived a life better then someone with out Cancer. To us we feel God has miraculously healed us from the tragedy and walk of Cancer. He has given David the strength he needed to go to Chili. To spend a week at family camp right after.  We want to continue thanking God for each day, to enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. And remembering the miracles GOD has already done in our lives already. A-Mazing! 

So what is our prayer? Our prayer is for God to continue to do the impossible. To allow David to " triumph" living out glorifying God, appreciating every day, creating family memories and shield him from the road of sickness, dehabilitation. Help us to shield our children from the weaknesses Cancer can cause but for them to instead learn from the strength God can provide.

Luke 1:37 " For nothing will be impossible with God" 

All the verses you sent today went right to our heart. We look forward to the next step whatever that may be when we go to MD Anderson on Monday......... We are blessed because tonight we go to sleep with some peace. With love, The Hurst Family

" The LORD gives his people strength. The LORD blesses them with Peace. " Psalm 29:11