Monday, August 5, 2013

Chemo today!!!

David has had a great weekend with lots of visitors which has made the time here go a little faster and home look a little sooner. We were so grateful to friends who made it possible for my sister and her husband to stay an extra day and come see David. Which made David super happy. I got to go home on Saturday and see the kids and my family. The kids were super excited and I sat and just told them daddy had to stay longer because the doctor needs more treatment . They were super excited when we got a phone call from David and they got to face time him. I had such a great dinner also with my sister , her husband and my brother. Lots of laughs and reminiscing:) thankful to friends and family who kept David company in Houston. I think at one point this weekend David has 10 guests! 

David has been up and walking around. He has been doing great! Some might call him stubborn when it comes to being a patient. But , I would say persistent . The second day he was in the ICU he managed to leave , take a walk, with out any of the nurses knowing! Who escapes the ICU? He came back and all the nurses kept saying, " dr hurst you better get your butt back in bed ." It was pretty historical. Then the next day he managed to convince the physical therapist he did not need her services anymore and proved it by showing her how he can walk the stairs and laps around the hospital. We have had some great nurses who can handle his stubbornness and give it back to him. The high doses of steroids David is very happy and gitty but also manages to tell others what he is thinking in a blunt sort of way:) we have started tapering down the steroids to see how Davids body responds . Today he woke up with the same slight headache he had yesterday ( Sunday) . The steroids have kept the swelling down which is what caused the episode on Thursday.    (the swelling) Right now we are trying to find what is that right dosage. Pretty much trial and error which I would rather be done in the hospital :) we are going to keep him on the 6 mg 3 times a day. On Thursday he was on 10 mg every 6 hours. The Avastin chemo he will start today should help with swelling to and praying shrink the tumor. This all being said we will start Avastin today. An IV treatment that takes 60 to 90 minutes. We will then watch and see if it helps and we can keep the steroids at the dose they are. We also found out today we can do radiation ! The radiation oncologist we never got the chance to consult with ( :() is involved in our case and going to work with our radiation oncologist in Waco on the best treatment plan. We will do Avastin every two weeks. This is a lot of Information ... Sorry, but know the medical people would want the specifics :) 

David is obviously itching to get out of here :) we are going to go down to the library in a few to get some puzzles and games.  There is only so much you can do here :( all of our spirits are up and we have all caught up on sleep and rest. We are so excited we can start attacking this angry tumor today!! No more waiting. 

Oddly enough my first three conversations this am involved how we need to not worry. What does it do for you? Releasing your worry and ultimately just telling yourself Gods got this and that his timing is perfect. As I prayed over a verse someone sent me this am 

" don't worry about anything , indeed, pray about everything. Tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for his answers," phillipians 4:6 

I felt a peace I have felt before , Gods got this. He does and he has everything perfectly timed. I can choose to worry or I can choose to find comfort in knowing he  is already two steps in front of me and is carrying me through. After that I received an email through Facebook from a prayer warrior who wanted me to view a blog about someone with brain cancer , the title, Gods got this ! Wow! If that wasn't loud in my ears! And then another prayer warrior sent me an email about her mom who was healed of cancer and her wonderful stories of MD Anderson. I immediately wrote back asking if I could have the moms name so I could thank God for healing already in the life of others !:) and then 5 min later a friend I have prayed for daily who has tried for years to get pregnant had her first positive pregnancy test!! Why worry?!! Gods got this! Pray! And give thanks and open your eyes to all that he is already doing your life and others!

We will probably go home tomorrow:) pray for the Avastin to work. For our life as we go home. There will be changes that my very persistent husband may not want to agree with:) driving , a nagging wife :), his inability to be on his own with kids.. The list can go on. Although he looks great feels great he is still under high risk! I don't want to live a life of fear but want to be careful and pay attention to the signs and what to expect. Pray for our challenges with that. Pray for my patience with my husband as steroids aren't the best when it comes to your personality.

 But before you pray, thank god for all he has always done! It is Monday! I didn't think we would have Monday on Thursday! Thank him for you and all the amazing people who have allowed god to use them to carry us through. Thank him for the fact that David made that video for Facebook. That was a big deal for him to know what to say, to say it all in one breath and to overcome the challenge of it! Thank god for making it possible for family to come and take care of our kids! Thank god for the blessings he has already done in your lives as well:)

Romans 8:28 " for we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him , who have been called according to his purpose "

Some team hurst pictures
Prayers from Ohio! 

Prayers from Waco!
Prayers from Denver !

God is faithful,

The hurst family