Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 7 2013 Third Times A Charm

What a crazy past 48 hours... I have had many moments when I stopped and just reflected on what this all means? Three times? Three times we have seen this tumor, two times we have gotten rid of it.... and now we approach it the third time. I am reminded of all the miraculous things God has already done in our life! With the exception of surgery... we have lived with minimal side effects this past year and half.  Most would look at David and not even know he has Cancer. Sometimes I feel this is all just a dream because our life is so normal...and then we get these scans that remind's not quite done yet. Today we went to MD Anderson with a lot of hope. We are all blessed with the knowledge and expertise of the researchers out there...who work day in and day out looking for a cure for not only Brain Cancer, but all the other Cancers. We are also blessed by all of you who have been spending time researching trials for us and looking for the best route in battling this tumor... we so appreciate and value your time and effort you spend helping us and being an advocate for our family. I have learned through this, we have some pretty smart friends:))))) I will let David explain more the route we have decided to go. But, first I wanted to share how the past 48 hours I have asked for a clear route for us to take. I have asked God..what are we missing? He has given us three times ( feel pretty lucky) to fight this...and I just want to know which route it is he wants us to take. And that is the prayer I ask from all of you. That we would continue to be guided on what is the BEST direction for our family. We want to make sure we get it this time. Today, I felt that clarification when the doctor sat with us and talked to us about the trials out there and the advantages and disadvantages of all. When she came to the trial that she believes is best for our family we were all ears. I will let David explain more, but when the researcher came in later and told us how lucky we were that today there was a spot open ( the last spot before the trial closes)  and we luckily met all requirements...I knew God molded that spot just for us today and this is the route we should take.....


So many things to be excited about and then so many things that could get you down if you let them. Dana and I would like to thank all our prayer warriors for all the prayers the last 48hrs.  We had a very encouraging visit with Dr PeƱas-Prado here @ MD Anderson and have committed to a Clinical Trial at MD Anderson. She was very well prepared for our visit and even did some research as to which of the current trials were open.  She had three trials open that I was eligible for and recommended them 1-3.  She was most comfortable with the trial with the medications Everolimus and Sorafenib, both are currently FDA approved for use for kidney cancer patients and each work by blocking a pathway in the DNA replication pathway.  This is a multicenter trial with 118 total patients with 30 at MD Anderson, of which the research nurse said I filled the last spot.  Before I can start the new chemo, I have to wait 3 weeks to get the last Temodar chemo out of my system (of which I last took 1week ago). The side effects from these drugs are minimal and are FDA approved which is always good. We are thankful for our friends who have worked in research for GBM tumors and have provided and guided us with feedback on the many trials out there. We will begin this trial on June 27th, but will also keep our eyes and ears open to any new trials or developments out there. There are many and will continue research. The other amazing and blessing to this trial, there is no cost to us. We are beyond thankful for this too, but did not weigh our decision. We want to do what we feel guided to do and has the most successful results for tumors in the Brain.
Again, we trust in The Lord and accept the challenges He puts in front of us. We ask for prayers while we wait 3 weeks that I will endure know symptoms or growth. We want to thank all our prayer warriors both near and far for all the prayers and good wishes. Know that they are being heard.  We are confident in the path that The Lord is taking us down as we represent his will.

We will pray for good results.


David, Dana,  Audrey & Parker