Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MRI - Waiting Game - Clinical Trial

Good evening everyone,

We just got back from our wonderful trip to Nebraska to see Aunt Mimi (Dana's sister Megan) and her  husband Brian.  We had a great car ride trip, stopping to see friends along the way, ie the Korpas' in Lincoln.  We saw lots of old friends in North Platte and visited some very familiar local spots.  We had a great trip.  We even had a surprise visit from Dana's dad, Dane, who flew to Omaha and drove out to see all of us.  Thanks Dane.  We also took advantage of being around for all the rodeo festivities of Nebraska Land Days, including the parade.

The past few days of getting back to home in Waco have been busy, firing off emails and faxes to various clinical trials we have been researching.  Many are thanks to your suggestion and research.  We are always keeping our eyes and ears open to what is out there. Sadly, all we are currently finding are trials. We are reminded that these are trials and not the cure, but have hopes that one day there will be a cure for Brain Cancer. We are so very thankful we have such a great prayer chain of warriors like all of you.  You are constantly encouraging us and it means a lot to our family. There are many days that you have no idea how much that encouragement means. We are all very excited about this next step in the process and look forward to the tumor responding appropriately.  Dana and I have been very faithful to our prayers regarding ourselves and all of you.

Today, I went to the hospital to obtain all my tests, 2 weeks prior to initiating therapy; labs, EKG, and MRI and will send them off to MD Anderson this week as well as carry them with me to my visit.  It will be 4 weeks since last Temodar on Friday June 28th and that will be the day we start the two new chemo pills, Everolimus and Sonafenib.  Both meds work to stop the process of replicating the tumor DNA, the tumor's process of growth.  We have very high hopes for this trial. The hardest part of all of this is the waiting.

The MRI today did indeed show a 30% increase in size in just the last two weeks but no new bad consequences yet.  I will stay on my Keppra, the anti seizure medication, as they are most concerned about this tumor causing some irritation and could cause a seizure. I was not to surprised, as that is what these tumors do. But, still did not enjoy seeing the report again and the little bit of aggression in the tumor.

We hope you warriors will continue to pray for good results as we will too. There is a lot coming in this journey and we appreciate the love you provide not to just Dana and I, but our children. We decided this week it would be best to get Audrey involved in play therapy. She is a smart little 5 year old and becoming more aware of what is going on. We are excited for this play therapy to be a place of comfort for Audrey and to open the communication dialog about Cancer with her. 

Please continue to send good well wishes and any clinical trials you have found and we will expend our full resources to review and research them all.  We continue to be positive in the one thing that is true and that is that God will carry us through this. He has walked this path before us and he is our strength in some of our weakest days. Thanks for all that each and everyone does for us, we truly appreciate each one of you.

Thanks so very much
Dana and David
Audrey and Parker