Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6th, Next Chapter

Good morning,

It has been about 3 months since surgery and I have recovered well and luckily still have no symptoms.

Dana and I pray everyday for continued good news and truly treasure all the days I get to spend with all of my wonderful family and friends.  It has been a busy spring 2013 as we have had several great trips. In April, we drove to Chicago to see both Dana and my great friends and help one of my best friend's daughter (Melissa) celebrate her Bat Mizvah.  Then a few great ski buddies and I had a great 3 day weekend skiing trip at Arapahoe Basin in May!!!  Then, Dana, the kids and I also took time to drive to Florida to see her cousin Katie and husband Eric then onward to the beach then over to see Grandpa Bill in Ocala and then to DisneyWorld.  Great Trips!!!  All the while, trying not to think about the big C.

Well, Friday is my next scheduled appointment at MD Anderson and I had an MRI today, second one post-op and unfortunately it shows a new spot.  It is about the size of the last one but a little less friendly.  It looks mad.  I have talked to a few friends and my plan is to call and discuss with MD Anderson that my MRI is abnormal and want to discuss a variety of options.  Especially the options of getting enrolled in some sort of trial or research protocol.  There are several available and as I said last month, they require active tumor and now I have what I least wanted.

So, we will accept this new challenge and attack it head on with strong support from God and all of our prayer warriors.  I am excited to rise to this new challenge as I feel we all have in the past.  Dana and I appreciate all the prayers you all have given us over the past few years and only hope to return your love by our faith in the Lord as our savior.  Please Pray with us as we continue the next chapter in our journey.

With all our Love
David, Dana, Audrey and Parker