Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trial tomorrow

David and his dad Ben. They decided to take a ride in Ben's Hotrod ( sp?) tonight in Houston

Our trip to Destin this past week. David and the guys got a chance to go fishing! Kids were anxious to greet them at the boat and see all that they caught!

I wanted to give a quick update as there are specific prayers we are seeking. I am so thankful to a group of friends who have rallied together this next 24 hours to pray for our family as we take this next step and begin our trail at MD Anderson tomorrow. I know all of you are praying for our family also and can tell you, the constant peace we feel is because of your prayers.

Our family decided after the news last week of more growth in tumor, that we would make a last minute decision to head to Destin, Florida with friends. We are so thankful for our friends the Yochams who knew this family just doesn't do good sitting around town and waiting. We were lucky for them to invite us to their family gathering in Destin and we were quick to say yes and get in the car again for another long drive. I think our children have forgotten we have a house, and think our new home is Florida every month. Thank goodness for summer and David's good health that we can get in the car and create more memories and spend time together as a family. It was a wonderful few days.

As we mentioned in the blog two weeks ago, we have a very good friend who connected us with one of the head doctors at Duke University Neuro/Spin Center, Dr. Henry Friedman. This doctor has been communicating with us with personal calls and been insistent on receiving our paper work and giving us a second opinion. We are very thankful for MD Anderson and love our care. We believe that this is the path we are to take starting the trial tomorrow in Houston. But, we also know the path that these trials can take. We want to be assured we have a back up plan.

The crazy thing about this though, is that with in one week from hearing from Dr. Friedman, we received a phone call from my mom who has a family friend who basically cornered a renown cardiologist at the James Cancer Institute fundraiser last friday, ( her name is Susie and she definitley knows how to get things done:)) She shared our story ( and a picture or two) and he was so amazing he gave her the personal cell phone of his friend a neuro/oncologist , Dr. Sampson at Duke University. Being married to a Physician, I can tell you, you normally don't just give your personal cell phones. With a few text messages to Dr. Sampson, Susie set us up to talk to Dr. Sampson via text. I texted him that we were currently working with one of his colleagues and that our paper work was being sent. Within 24 hours of this text  ( this past Sunday) we had two of the most known doctors in the country emailing us and calling us to get our MRI's so that they could give us their medical opinion. What does all this mean? I have no idea? It makes me more confused then ever!  We are waiting for tomorrow, where they will email us together what Duke can do for us and what trials they have. A lot depends on the mutation of David's tumor. For so long, I have felt so sure on our path. And lately I feel so not sure! Wondering where does God want us to go! What does he want us to do. I have said this before. I am not the best test taker. I am the one that puts A but then B and C sound so much better! Your prayers mean the world to us right now!  WE ask you to pray for clear direction. We felt clear direction when their was an opening for this trial that begins tomorrow. But, then we ask ourselves, what are the chances that we have two people ( that don't know each other) connect us with two prominent Duke Doctors? Slim. Tomorrow we will start and the trial is simple. We show up. Get our medicine, do some blood work and come back in 4 weeks. With MRI's in between to see if it is working.

Our conclusion now, is to take the clear direction of starting the trial tomorrow. And to continue to pray for God's direction if this trial does not work. Maybe our next option is Duke.  David still continues to have no symptoms. He did lots of fishing while on vacation and even won a hula hoop contest one evening on the Pirate ship boat adventure we attended with our kids. Don't let him brag too much about it either. And we have lots of pictures as bribery:)

We decided with the Yochams to take the children on a Pirate Ship adventure. It all seemed very cool to the older children but not so much to our 3 year old who was a little freaked out about the whole thing. About an hour into the Pirate Ship boat ride I took Parker to the top of the deck to just watch the water. It was only a few minutes after that, I heard one of the Pirates on their microphone yell, " Oh *&*^* " I looked down thinking oh my goodness, I cannot believe this pirate yelled this with all these kids all over! And I saw a swarm of people all in a frantic. And saw them all around David. Saying I freaked out is an understatement. I ran as fast as I could with Parker. Tears beginning. So worried. Did David have a seizure? Why are all these people surrounding him? Where is Audrey? Did she see?Only to find David kneeling down next to a lady telling her she was going to be OK he was a physician. He was there to take care of her. I think my face regained color at that point. And was reminded of David's amazing purpose on this earth. He got everyone calmed and got the lady taken care of. In my heart all I could think, little did this lady know or the 100 people sititng around that this man is batteling his own health right now, with a yucky deadly disease called Cancer, but you would never know, because he just won the hula hoop contest:) He is running around with his kids:) He has a full head of hair:) And he is the physician that was there to let that girl know...its all going to be OK.

Thanking God every moment for the wonderful adventures our family has had these past few months. And the amazing family and friends that continue to share our faith with us and hold us up in prayer.

Love, The Hurst Family