Saturday, October 19, 2013

We have celebrated, we have loved, now we must have peace

It has been one week since our last post and it is amazing the celebration and sorrow we experience together on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 33rd birthday with a house full of amazing visitors and flowers and a special gift from David, that he planned weeks before. I was also able to smile as my phone beeped with notifications of Pi Phi's and friends across the country posting green in support. The best birthday gift.  Celebration continued last night with friends from Ohio carrying the TEAM HURST name with love and support at the Varsity Club in Columbus, Ohio.  Friends, old and new gathered to show support for our family. I called my dad first thing in the a.m. begging him to let everyone know how thankful we were and the joy they were giving us in our hearts. It still amazes me the amount of love out there and I am often speechless. My heart feels such an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I cannot tell you how often I pray, please Lord let each of them know how thankful our family is. I am about 550 thank you cards behind and wish I could hug all 3,500 plus followers. David is at the point where cognitively he can not show his thanks but with a meaningful heartfelt smile he does when I show him pictures. And I hope you each hold that close to your hearts.

I think about the Team Hurst name and how it even got started? I think about the very first day this all began 2 years ago on August 5th. I remember our hesitation with a blog. David and I laughed as we posted each blog and my grammar errors all over the place:) We laughed at how you could always tell the difference in each blog, David's were more medical based and mine all sappy and emotional. But, we both always had faith and their was that common factor in both. It has proven to be what strengthened us each day. I remember a friend calling and asking us David's favorite color. With no thought at all, we said green. Ever since then our life has been nothing but green:))) 

Last night, David's parents and I sat in tears as we received updates about the Columbus, Ohio party. It was so joyful and amazing to see. We sat their re mincing about David and the stories people have sent us about how he was as a physician. We have received everything from, David walking into a room with tears telling a little girl her body was filled with Cancer to a patient who said his smile just brightened their day.

Lately we have felt like we are just waiting. Sitting here quietly in this house...waiting. Waiting for David to go be with the Lord. As David has been confined to the bed, not eaten in the last 24 hours and cognitively declining, he still remains the MOST peaceful individual. Literally, sits their quietly in peace. I have let David know that, Audrey, Parker and I will be OK, ( suggested by hospice). But, then yesterday, one of our pastors mentioned bringing communion over since David and I have not been to church in awhile. As I sat there the next hour thinking about it, I thought about how we have all come together as a community through this whole journey. We have been hopeful, joyful, celebrated, but we have not let David go. And while as a close family we have, we are not in this alone. You all are apart of every step of this. I have asked at 4 p.m. for men of our church and close men friends of David's to come over and pray over David. To represent you all and this community of followers. They will pray, they will do communion and let the Lord know as a community we are sending him off to be with his maker. Yes, we will grieve, we will mourn, but ask that David can die peacefully and with dignity. I know many cannot be here and I ask you all to pray in your own homes at 4 p.m. for David. To pray that this will all be peaceful. This is the day we prepare for our whole lives. This is the day that David has prepared for especially this past two years. 

I don't know what the Lord is waiting for and I may never know. I don't know the purpose in the wait and I may never know that either, but what I do know is with my faith I can gain peace and strength. Each a.m. I ask David, are you happy? Yes he says. I say are you in pain? He says no? I ask him about heaven? He says beautiful. He says God will reach his arms out to him very soon. David is at peace, no doubt about it. But, now it is time for the rest of us to have that same peace. Please pray with myself and others at 4 p.m. today and come together as that same TEAM we have been since day one and send David with peace in our hearts, the same peace he feels in his. 

" Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. " John 14:27 

David's smile last night. With love,