Friday, September 16, 2011

Pictures of Radiation! One Week Completed!

     This is the room where Radiation is done. Audrey got to to go the back and see David with the masks. You can see the stickers where they pin point radiation. She thought it was pretty cool that they were shooting at Daddy's boo boo.
 This is behind the radiation room. Audrey could watch them zapping David's tumor with radiation. She enjoyed this and even enjoyed some fruit snacks with it, like it was a movie:)
 Parker got to watch too. He kept yelling Daddy! And smiling! You can see David in the video.
                                               Yeah! 1st Week of Radiation Completed!
                          It helps the kids and David to have us all fight this together as a family!
Received this picture last night. My old book club in North Platte, Nebraska. They met last night and wore green in support for David. So much love!
And last, but most important, This is Whitney! Yeah! We finally got to go to dinner last night and meet an inspiration.

We have had a good week of radiation. So far no side effects. They say between day 14 and day 17 is when you usually start to experience some of the side effects. This week has also been filled with new relationships.

THE HORNS- Wren and Brian Horn are new to Waco and new to Harris Creek Church, our church family. They moved to Waco so Brian could take a job as the community pastor at Harris Creek. Wren, was pregnant with her third child when she found out that she has stage 3 colon cancer that has started to spread to some of her limp notes. Wren's story is amazing and she is currently also in the fight against Cancer. She is much like David in her strong attitude, her breath of life and her freshness of life and attitude. Wren gave birth to her baby girl Grace early, at 32 weeks, so that the Doctors can begin treatment. Wren will start radiation next week down in Temple, Texas at Scott and White. With the radiation and Chemo the hopes are that the tumor will shrink, which it will!:) We had such awesome conversation and comfort with Wren and Brian. And we left there both, just smiling. Wren and Brian also have a 3 year old and 1 year old like David and I. Starting this friendship we hope to provide comfort to each other, prayer for one another and praise for the things God is doing in our lives. Wren's blog is   Pray for Wren as hard as you pray for David. And most importantly pray for our young children. That from this experience they will see the glorification of God and the wonderful things God does in our lives.

RAY- Sarah Scott is a neighbor that I met through Cancer as well. She heard our story and came and introduced herself. Sarah's brother passed away. Not from Brain Cancer but from a Pulmonary Embolism. Sarah's brother had a stage 4 Glioma tumor. Not a very good prognosis. He was the very first one to be a part of the Duke Clinical Trial. AMAZING! He passed from Medication that was taken through the Duke Clinical Trial. By being the first participant, Ray has paved the way for more research and success. His story has been an inspiration to me and according to Sarah his strong faith, his love for life. I feel so blessed to have the Scott family praying hard for David and I.

Whitney- CAN I SAY JOY! You see Whitney up above with David and I. We had the opportunity to go to dinner last night with Whitney. What a breath of fresh air! Whitney had the same diagnosis as David! Look at that healthy girl! She is doing amazing and continues to put all healing on God's work alone.  She has been Cancer free for four years now! She get's MRI's done every four months and is constantly getting good results. It was so nice to be around Whitney to feel her joy, her positivity and her outlook on Cancer. She reminded us, to not only pray to God, but to TALK TO CANCER. She said, Wake up and tell Cancer, you are not going to get me. I will fight you. She is so ever true. Cancer does not kill us, and it can not kill us, for we have eternal life and we praise God for that.

This has been a crazy week and I still can not believe we just completed our first week of radiation. What an amazing feeling! I started Bible Study and Fellowship this week as well. We are spending the next 3 months studying the book of Acts. The great thing about BSF is that the kids are also learning about God. Audrey told me she learned about Jesus, Paul and Peter Pan on Wednesday:) As I was doing the study for this week of Acts I was amazed at the similarities God is pointing out to me. Acts, was written by Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke was best friends with Paul and it is said that it was through Luke's relationship with Paul that he came to Christ. Wonder if Paul knew the simple act of witnessing could lead Luke to write one of the most important books of the bible.

Jesus chose the apostles to continue his work after he died and rose again, and it was only through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in these apostles that the apostles were able to preform these acts. They had sorrows and they had joys. Acts can be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

I ask you to continue to pray for our family and ask for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit each and every day. I know a lot of people have commented that we are so strong and I appreciate those words, but in all honesty, we would be very weak if we did not have our faith right now. It is knowing the one truth that gives us all the hope that we need.

A card, our friends the Fago's sent us said, Deep inside us there is a place where faith flows freely, and hope runs deep, a place were we can go to be refreshed and to remember who we really are, and who we are is not illness or weakness or any kind of problem, we are eternal and we are loved, we are children of God.

I hope through all the stories above that you always know our families and the families above as not an illness but eternal and loved by God just as each of you are.

Lots of Love!

Dana, David, Audrey and Parker