Thursday, September 8, 2011

Radiation Begins

Abby and Millie wearing Green for David:)

It's hard to believe that David's surgery was 3 weeks ago from today. And that 5 weeks ago exact we found out David had a golf ball size tumor in his brain. In that time, we have had our battles with insurance, removed a tumor and now begin radiation. It is remarkable how well David is doing. He is feeling 100 percent and ready to get back to life and back to work. I have always known David was a hard worker, but during this experience I have learned about how he is more then just a hard worker but a fighter. Nothing would surprise me with David anymore and his efforts to beat all odds.

Now we begin the second leg of managing this disease, radiation. It has been decided that it would be best for us to have radiation done here in Waco with Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Mundy. We talked to Dr. Groves our Neuro Oncologist with MD Anderson and he is very comfortable with us having our radiation done here in Waco. Dr. Groves and Dr. Mundy have been in talks on what would be the best standard radiation for David. Insurance will cover radiation being done here. We have submitted a request for insurance to cover our continued relationship with Dr. Groves at MD Anderson and also a Neuro Oncologist here in Waco. Either way, radiation will begin Monday. I am so proud of my husband and the fight he fought with insurance the week leading up to surgery. I am also so grateful for the Scott and White team David works with and HillCrest team that helped David to get the 100 percent coverage. We received our MD Anderson bill today and I was astonished at the amount it cost for brain surgery, but relieved when the balance due was 0! I have learned a whole different side of health care through all of this. And it has humbled both David and I. ( Don't worry though we still aren't becoming democrats:) hehe....

Today, David had his consultation with Dr. Mundy. Dr. Mundy is a wonderful guy who know's his stuff but also has lots of stories to tell:) An hour appointment turned into 2 hours as Dr. Mundy had many funny stories to share with David about his time working in the ER. Dr. Mundy explained that we will start radiation on Monday and we will do radiation for 6 weeks. I asked him why 6 weeks and he said that the brain can only take so much. So, they don't want to do too much radiation, that 6 weeks is the magic number. He explained that David may have fatigue, naseau and stated he will loose his hair. He said it may not come back. But, all of us who know David, I can't imagine that hair not coming back:) But, all these are maybe's. As I have learned, there were a lot of maybe's when it came to surgery and David surprised us all. So, I do not doubt David to overcome it:)

This journey and the issues of life and death have forced David and I to have conversations I never thought we would have. But, it has also made me realize, Cancer or no cancer these are issues that as a married couple we should be aware of each other's thoughts, feelings and emotions to always be prepared for any situation. With that, the issue of a third child has always been something important to David and I. And we have always seen ourselves with that third child. It was made clear from Dr. Mundy that radiation will not effect fertility. Since the radiation is to the brain. Which is wonderful news. But, David and I have both agreed that we are very blessed with two healthy children and that are family is complete and perfect so that we can now focus all our strength on him getting better. We never know what God holds for us in the future, but right now all of our strength needs to be focused on David's health and our kids.

They fit David with a head mask today for radiation, which was pretty scary looking. I did take a picture, but pretty sure David wouldn't want me posting it. We do get to keep the mask after radiation so maybe was can frame it:) Or not. They said radiation will be about 20-30 minutes from check in to leaving 5 days a week and 2 days off. We are so grateful for all the wonderful things every one has sent for the kids. I have started to seperate everything into different days of the week. The kids can go with us to radiation and I will bring a special little treat for them in the lobby each time we go. We have left the kids so much the past 5 weeks that I want to make them a part of what is going on and not make them scared of the unknown. Radiation will be a family, fun thing we can all do together. Does that sound weird or what? Or is that even possible? Anyway, I am going to try it. And I know David wants to be around the kids as much as possible.

Dr. Mundy was very confident that after radiation, David will be back to living a normal life and can go back to work. Which David has already guaranteed us all he will do:)

I promise to update the blog more, as many of you have asked. I will update it with David's progress. And David will update is as well! He is leaving tomorrow to go on a 2 day hunt with family and friends. He is so excited for this trip and it is the best way to relax before the start of this journey monday.

I will have to say this week I have had some weak moments and many close friends have pointed out that it is the weak moments that make us human and that we need to have weak moments to need and really appreciate God. Surrounded by all the cards you all have sent, I saw this one that stuck out to me,
" Sometimes life just doesn't make any sense. Bad things happen to good people, and we all wonder why. But, even in those moments, some things remain true- God loves you....He has a plan for your are are never alone....and even the darkest night must lead to dawn, "
Romans 9:28 in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him.

Lots of Love!

Dana, David, Audrey and Parker:)