Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank you!

Here is all the gifts that everyone has sent separated into little bags.

We are so thankful for all the stuff that everyone sent to us. I finally finished separating everything into little bags for each day. Each day we will take one plastic bag with us to radiation and in it will be a surprise that the kids can play with while David get's his radiation done. Audrey helped me separate everything into little bags. We put one toy for Parker and one toy for Audrey. She was very excited to be a part of this. When David came home from the gym she told him not to touch any of the stuff we had separated, that these toys were for when we go do his radiation:)

We also have been so blessed to receive lots of gift cards for different fun places like Sonic, Chick Fil A and Wendys. We will use these gift cards as fun things to do on a friday when David has completed his radiation.

I promise that I will send Thank you Cards out! I know many of you put no thank you card needed, but I want to make sure I get the chance to THANK everyone for making this journey so much easier for not only us, but the kids!

Lots of Love!


AGAIN, THANK YOU! All the stuff everyone was so thoughtful to send will make the next 6 weeks more enjoyable for the Hurst Family and we are FOREVER GRATEFUL!