Friday, September 2, 2011


Every day a new day:)

We just got the call from our neurooncologist Dr. Groves from MD Anderson. The results are not in our favor. The IP19Q is attached to the tumor. Which means it is non-deleted, which means radiation is needed.

So, our options are to be a part of the clinical trial at MD Anderson or to do standard Radiation for 6 weeks followed by Chemo at MD Anderson. The radiation would start a week from monday, hopefully. What does this mean for us. The battle with insurance begins again:) We have been told that insurance will not cover it at MD Anderson because the services are provided here at HillCrest. After talking to Dr. Groves he said he would spear head it to get done here in Waco. He also said that he would encourage insurance to get it covered at MD Anderson. But, either way he will be our quarterback:) So, we need some time this afternoon to kind of digest everything. We will put a call into insurance this afternoon and with it being Labor Day Monday we probably won't hear anything until Tuesday. Or we may just decide to get it done here in Waco and call it good.

The positive, radiation and chemo will kill what is left of the tumor. And according to other patients they have done radiation and chemo they have sometimes not had any tumor re growth for 7-12 years. We will continue this journey and continue asking for your prayers.

Many of you have seen David the past week, he started working out at the gym again and even attending some meetings at work. He has rode in the golf cart with friends and joined some hunting ( he did not shoot the gun:) He is so READY to get back to work and life and those of you who know him, know he will not let this tumor take him down:)

The Power of Prayer is larger then anything you all could do for us, please continue!

Lots of Love, The Hursts