Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 2 of Radiation Completed...check!

 Audrey and Parker watching from the video screen David getting his radiation done. They were able to press the speaker button and talk to David in the room.
 Week 2, Day Ten of Radiation Completed! Yeah!
Thumbs up! As you can see so far David still has lots of hair. He can't wear gel for radiation so I am sure you like his hair do:)

This morning I woke up to the text message from sweet friend Katie C. , God doesn't give us the things we need, he gives us the people we need. I say this over and over again how we have seen God through the amazing support from all of our family and friends near and far. I have spent the last few days writing over 50 thank you notes and still working on them. I know everyone put, No Thank you Needed, but I am just so THANKFUL and want you each to know. These should go out in the next week or two and I hope I did not forget anyone.

Week Two of Radiation has been pretty similar to Week 1. David is still feeling great and has even started going to the gym. He takes a couple cat naps in the day but nothing too abnormal at this point. He is doing so well and back to meetings at work. As I have said before, my husband is finally back to normal being off steroids and all. It is pretty nice also having him help out at the house with the kids and now Parker is just as obsessed with Daddy as Audrey. The teachers at Mom's Day Out told me that all Parker says now is daddy:)

We did get approved from Insurance to keep our relationship with the neuro oncologist, Dr. Groves at MD ANDERSON. Praise God again! This was such great news. We go on November 10th to go over our MRI's and tests to make sure that Radiation killed what is left of of the tumor and prevented any new growth, so PLEASE continue your strong prayers. God is with us all the way on this and I really try to make a point every night for him to bless each of you who have been so gracious and supportive of our family.

Please also continue to pray for our sweet friend Wren. We are still waiting on results on whether or not the Cancer is stage 4 advanced. We have had some special time with Wren and her husband the past week. They are amazing models for us in their faith and love for one another. I have felt so helpless this whole time and finally I feel like I can be there for someone else. Wren is a fighter and I still have faith that God can do all and she will fight this. But, I also know what ever the outcome, that God is good and his purpose will be fulfilled. Wren's husband is the community pastor at our church. I asked him if he thought that people are watching him closely as a pastor dealing with this. And I have to share this. He said yes, but that is OK. That he believes everything he preaches. But, he has never said sometimes life just sucks. And it is at this time that we can all say, " This just SUCKS" It feels so good to say that! That is why this is life and short and not eternal life with God.

Love you all!

The Hursts!