Friday, August 12, 2011

Confidence with Hope

God is Good! We went to MD Anderson this a.m. to meet with Dr. Roa who would be doing the surgery. He was amazing and kind and upfront. He had confidence, but not ego confidence but hopefull confidence.

He told me how just in the past few years the research on Glioma tumors has increased and they are able to treat them better. He also told me how Brain Cancer is shocking to so many people only accounts for 20,000 people a year compared to the 200,000 that have lung cancer.

He believes he can take out almost all of the tumor and that David might not need radiation or chemo! Praise God! Dr. Roa also specializes in Glimoa tumors. Praise God again! But, we do still hold the fact that this journey will be long, but God has provided us with the strength to hear the good and the bad.

We talked about surgery. Everything is about 5% chance. 5% chance he could bleed or blod clot, 5% chance of spinal fluid leak, etc. He does not believe David's speach will be effected long term. He thinks that he can get it all out with out effecting any of David's daily functions. He said he may have some speech problems at first, but these will only last a week or two and come back.

He is very confident in the fighter David is. He said a lot of this has to do with David's health, his age and how his has not had symptoms yet. Which because David's brain is over compensating so there aren't any symtoms. New I married a smart man.

We just feel so positive right now. As far as insurance, like we said they approved the appointment today. Dr. Roa said he will call insurance for us. As David will be getting brain surgery at the Brain Suite at MDA Anderson. This way they can do MRI's on his brain while he has surgery. This is something Scott and White cannot offer. Dr. Roa gave us his direct number so he can help with the insurance issues, praise God.

As we were driving home, insurance called and said they would cover up to 50%. This is awesome and an amazing start, but we aren't giving up. With it only be covered 50% we will need to come to surgery next thursday with $100,000 deposit:) Lovely. We will fight for 100% coverage, but if we can't do that, we will take the 50% coverage and get the surgery done. Surgery will be next thursay first thing in the a.m. It will be an 8 hour surgery.

David is wanting to update everyone, so he will. And his terminology and grammar will be a lot better then mine.

Again, thank you for your love and support. David made the comment last night that he knows if anything were to happen, I am well taken care of with all the love and support and that is warmth to him. Our kids feel the love to. The devotionals I have started to file and am going to start journaling each devotion you all send. It brings so much peace with God.

Yesterday, was the first day I prayed for healing. Every other day, I have said Lord you know the outcome, give me the strength to go on this journey. Then a friend shared a verse on how God wants us to pray for healing. He is BIG ENOUGH for anything and he his miraculous! When I had my crying break down moment with God last night it was the first time I prayed for Healing and trusted that God can provide that too. And what do you know we had our first amazing appointment today.

We drove to Houston last night and I saw my first shooting star, another remind that none of us are a lone on any journey, God is right there walking it with you!

Love and Hugs to all!