Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Day

Wow! We are so blessed by all the emails, phone calls and text messages. Please know that we are reading every one of them and may not respond right away, but knowing that each of you are praying for us is so comforting as we move forward with getting the care we need.

We are amazed at how God has chosen each of you to be in our lives to prepare for the journey we are about to take.

A brief overview:
We had a very exhausting day and apologize for the vagueness and not being able to answer the questions that so many of you have. Today we drove to Temple, Scott and White to meet with Dr. Harris who is a NeuroSurgeon. Our insurance is with Scott and White so to get a referral to MD Anderson we needed to meet with Dr. Harris. Before our 230 p.m. meeting David was hard at work and called MD Anderson and sent his MRI. Well, only a few minutes later did we receive a call from MD Anderson that they wanted to see us right away. We explained to them, that we would love to see them right away and they come highly recommended but we needed to go through the proper steps for our insurance. At the same time this was going on, David was also hard at work talking to all the medical friends and colleagues he has met over the years. It is amazing the people that have such amazing God given talents and their expertise and advice was all the same, GET SURGERY and go to MD Anderson if you can. Also, David's physician friends also encouraged David to send them the MRI so that they could give it to the specialists in their hospitals and get some more opinions.

We went to the appointment in Temple at 230 and were very optimistic. I have to admit it was very hard to be in the waiting room and see the many patients coming for follow up or check up or for their first appointment. What was even harder was seeing one of David's patients in the waiting room:( I kept feeling God say, I got this. For nothing is out of my hands.

Our appointment with Dr. Harris did not go as well as we hoped. He did a full neurological exam on David and of course he passed. Again, the only signs of this tumor are the behavior and mood changes and episodes that I witnessed. The surgeon believes that it is a level 3 Anaplastic glioma. He was very too the point and I would have to say not very personable. But, David keeps explaining that no neurosurgeon is personable:) He said he would not to surgery at first but a biopsy to see the level and to confirm it is this kind of tumor. He said he is very conservative in his approach and he has been doing this for 33 years. He then mentioned there is concern where the tumor is touching and this could cause problems for surgery as far as David maybe not being 100 percent after surgery. He was very to the point and told it how it was. We asked what he thought of MD Anderson. He said that they are very aggressive in their approaches. And that he believes we should go to MD Anderson for a second opinion. BUT, he could not do a referral. Because if our insurance calls him to ask if he can do this, he will have to tell them yes.

At this point I think I just cried. I don't think the neurosurgeon felt very sympathetic. He basically asked if I had any questions. David and I both still so confused on all the terminology and also confused on how 5 days ago he was a perfectly healthy individual, how can we be here today? And that was it. No questions and a see ya.

At this point we went downstairs to David's boss's office at Scott and White. This is DR. Keith Stone who was David's residency Director at University of Kentucky and the one who recruited us here. He said we will fix this. Then at that point we it was about 430 p.m. and we got a call from MD Anderson checking on us and if we were coming. We explained our position with the insurance and they said if we came tomorrow, it would be $17,000 out of pocket for just the clinic visit! Wow! I think we should all be neurosurgeons:) They also told us, that if we came and paid that, Insurance companies have been known not to cover if you have already started the process. We told them we need to figure out insurance and will call them asap.

We then called the primary doctor in McGregor that Scott and White insurance has assigned us to. Her along with Dr. Little our Neurologist have been amazing! She said she will get all the paper work together tonight and fax it over to Scott and White Insurance letting them know we need to get our treatment at MD Anderson. Also, that there is an urgency to us hearing back, as David has a golf ball size tumor in his head that we would pretty much like to get removed:) Now, we wait.....We were told in situations like this it could take 24-48 hours.

After this, we went to a friend of David's from growing up's father. He used to be a neurosurgeon at MD ANDERSON, what are the chances? And he now lives in Belton and works as a spinal surgeon for Ft. Hood. We went to his house and had wonderful conversation. He is in talks with MD Anderson and said he can provide any help with our insurance also. He explained that there can be concern where the tumor is touching. But, we won't know that until surgery. He also assured us that Dr. Harris at Scott and White is a good doctor and that you sometimes just have to take the emotion out of it. He also told us that we really don't know the tumor and severity until surgery. It could be worsts or it could be better.

So, this all being said, we now wait. David and I came home from an exhausting day and he is finally able to get rest. He feels 100 percent and to relieve his mind from all of this he has been running up to 5 miles a day. You would never know anything was wrong with him physically.

We have had amazing support from all of you. And because of you, we left today and may leave tomorrow for Houston, knowing our kids are taken care of, our house, our dog, our food, you name it. You all have been wonderful. Many of you have asked how you can help. And right now we don't know what is next to know when and where we need help.

I know the recovery for David may be hard. And at that time we will need more help then ever. Right now being in the waiting period we need the continued, love, support and prayers you all are providing.

We did explain to Audrey about David's boo boo. She asked where it was. We showed her the MRI, and right away she said, " oh that big white thing:" Maybe she will be the neurosurgeon one day:) Our friends the Carrolls had the kids all day and apparently Audrey told everyone first thing about her Daddy's boo boo. So, she is aware and will learn from the books our friends have made.

We are in such a good place here in Waco with such amazing friends and neighbors. We both drove home today thinking of how God has prepared us this whole year for today. He brought us to Waco because he knew we needed each of you. We are also so blessed with each of our families and their overwhelming love and support and our friends from near and far. Another blessing is MD Anderson is only 2 miles from David's parents home:)

PLEASE keep the emails and text messages coming. Again, while we are waiting for answers they get us through. The prayers are most important and even if you don't know what to pray, our friend LeeAnn James shared this wonderful verse with us.....

Romans 8:26 " In the same way the Spirit also joins to help in our weakness, because we do not know what to pray for as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with unspoken groaning"

Pray to the Holy Spirit to just hear our cries. He knows our hearts and he will take your's and mine unspoken words and prayers to Holy one. God is in control and he is miraculous:)

The Hursts