Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update, 11AM

The nurse just called Dana over.  All of our hearts stop beating for a second when we hear from a nurse.  But it was pretty clear things were fine when the nurse called Dana over to the counter in the center of the waiting room and said, "the doctor is on the phone for you."

It turns out, it wasn't the doctor at all...but David himself.  Apparently, while in the OR, the doctor wanted to have David talk to Dana.  So, Dana says that for a few minutes she could just hear him.  The doctors and nurses and David were all laughing.  And then David started giving an update on how he is.  He was saying things like, "I think everything is going ok.  I can talk ok.  I can hear ok.  I think I can move everything.  And I think my head is open."

Then, the nurse put Dana on the intercome.  Dana said, "David, we are all waiting for you and love you."  David's first question and response was, "who is all there??"  So, Dana went through the list, which seemed to pacify him.  And then, the call ended with David saying, "Love you, Miss you!"

We all laugh...both because it's so wonderful to hear from him...and because we are weirded out by the fact he is in the OR with his head open...and because it's just funny.  How amazing is technology and medicine that Dana can talk to her husband during the middle of his brain surgery.

The best part is that David is just his same self.  Dana's humorous remark after talking with him and realizing he was his self was, "is he ever gonna calm down?!"  She knows her husband well.  Whether at work, at play or on the operating table, David is not gonna let this tumor beat him!