Friday, August 19, 2011

David's recovery

Good moring everyone!

It has been a wonderful past 24 hours and we feel God has graced us with health and happiness today. We got to see David last night and spend time with him and he was all smiles. He looks amazing and is talking 100 percent normal and acting 100 percent normal. Every time a doctor or nurse comes in to ask his pain level from 1 to 10 he says 1:) He has less pain then me and I didn't have brain surgery:)

I stayed with David in the hospital last night and got sleep when I could. The hospital was actually pretty comfortable and I slept great. The only thing that woke me up was David wanting to just keep chatting:) He is on very high steriods that are making him pretty gittery and not giving him the opportunity to rest much, which eventually they will taper off the steroids and he can get some sleep.

Right away this a.m. we were greeted by David's wonderful friend Barrett from Nebraska who flew in to stay with us. It was nice to go down to the cafeteria with Barrett and just chat. Barrett had someone very close to him go through the same thing 18 years ago and pass after many struggles. Barrett was just in absolute amazement at David's speedy recovery and at the medical science of the awake brain surgery they can do now and the interactive MRI. It is these two new things that help with saving lives of those with Brain Cancer. It was very reassuring to just sit and talk with someone that has been through this and also to be surrounded with such positiveness.

The neurosurgeon came in this a.m. and the first thing David asked was when he could go hunting:) The neurosurgeon said David is just doing amazing and that we could go home maybe by Monday. He said that we will make an appointment to come back to Houston to see the neuro oncologist that will set up the radiation and chemo that we can do in Waco. But, we can't start any of that until we see what the pathology report says about the tumor. Also, can't start radiation and chemo until his body is healed from surgery:)

David was already up and dressed in normal clothes this a.m. and ordering the nurses around. It was pretty funny. He is having a very hard time being the patient and not the physician. At one point he just told the nurse he would take care of taking his bandages off. Leave it to David:)

He is in such great spirits and we just feel so relieved. Although this surgery has been a wonderful success we still ask for strong prayers on the pathology report. This report will determine our weeks ahead. I am often reminded of the story of David and Golith and how God chose David to fight Golith. I keep reminding myself that we were chosen for this.

This a.m. I showed David all the pictures of the people in Green and he loved it! Made more smiles to his face.

I am back at David's parents house now, 1.9 miles from MD ANDERSON:) I needed some time away from the hospital. Although David is doing great, I am reminded that we are at a Cancer hospital. And we are surrounded by so many people young and old fighting this ugly disease. My heart just aches and I just keep offering them smiles whenever I can. The thing that keeps me going looking at all the saddness is that God will grace some of them with healing and they will fight this and God will also grace some of them with the end of pain where they will spend eternity with him. Either road is a good road although we may not understand it now. But, for me looking at the Good at both of God's options helps me to keep offering the smiles where I can.

I ask that you thank God for all the workers at MD ANDERSON, from the cafeteria staff to the doctors. They have all been trained to offer love and kindness to the patients and the family and we are in such a good place. None of them look at you with saddness but instead make the place such a happy and upbeat place. Thank God for their hearts.

I will update everyone.

For me it's Goodnight:)