Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week one and a Funfilled Busy weekend with Family & Friends

Good Sunday morning!
We have had great weekend as a family here in Houston! I had a lot of fun spending time with my extended family and friends. We went to a great dinner Friday night with kids and friends at Joe's Crab Shack and then yesterday the entire family and friends went to the community park and pool then returned for a Bar BQ at my parents, prepared/smoked exquisitely by my chef brother-in-law, Mark Oster!
We sat for hours and told stories and remembered all the pre-teen and teen years! Lots of baseball, football and hunting! Two of my longest and closest friends Ron and Glasson, were hanging out for the weekend and it was good to reminisce.

We had a good week and learned a lot. I am learning the other side of medicine, one that I don't like so much, the insurance and HMO Network side of things! It is a process and we are tolerating it, I am so thankful about the fact that I am so healthy and asymptomatic. I could not fathom Dana doing this by herself!

I will go this week to meet with the various doctors and administrators that is necessary to get the ball moving! We have surgery scheduled for Thursday but Dana & I talked long and prayed longer and we think it would be better to exhaust all our appeals and complaint options before opting to pay for half the surgery ourselves! SWHP HMO current offer is 50%. I need to convince the SWHP HMO that if SW NS is not going to perform the necessary standard of care surgery they need to allow MD Anderson to perform the surgery! There is also a reason MD Anderson is going to cost more, they will provide intra-operative MRI and an awake craniotomy and likely proton therapy radiation traeatments. Studies show long term survival is impacted by how aggressive and how much tumor is removed, so obviously I want it all gone!

So, we will be busy this week! We will let everyone know as we find out new information.

We truly appreciate all the texts and emails and tons of prayers! It is truly amazing the outpouring of support!
Pray for your family as well, we love everyone so much!

David and Dana
Audrey and Parker