Sunday, August 28, 2011

Headed back to Houston for 1st Follow-up

Good evening everyone!
Yes, it has been a week and a half since surgery and we have our first post-op visit back at MD Anderson tomorrow, Monday morning with the neuro-oncologist. I spoke briefly with the neurosurgeon, Dr Rao, on Thursday last week. He relayed the preliminary histo-pathology report with the good news that it has a beneficial mutation that upregulated a gene which made the astrocytoma more susceptible to chemo and radiation, great news for me! Yeah!!
So, we are now headed back to my parents home to hang out with them tonight and then another clinic appointment to outline the next 6-12 months of my life with both chemo and radiation! Including life expectancy! I have always been fairly realistic and known that I would not live forever but I really did expect to live at least to eighty! We shall see what the doctor has to say about that tomorrow!
We will update the blog after we get more information.
We are so appreciative of all the wonderful and phenomenal support we have received from all of our friends and family scattered throughout the US and abroad in London (shout out to Jon & Lynds) We again thank everyone for all the support and prayers, do not forget to stop and pray for your family and give them a great big hug!
We love everyone
David and Dana
Audrey and Parker