Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurst Update

  I am so sorry that it has taken a few days to post on the blog. We made it home and have taken the time to relax with our family and get back into some sort of a normal routine until we wait for Pathology Results. I also was going to wait to post to tell everyone the Pathology results, but as it is wednesday and we still have not received I knew I had to give some sort of an update:)

We called the neurosurgeon today and they are anxiously awaiting the results too, but have not heard anything. We do have a scheduled appointment monday in Houston with the Neurooncologist to figure out the next step depending on the pathology results. It will be so nice to go to that appointment and see what to expect from here on out.

We have loved being home and David has spent the past couple days resting. He was so tired once we got home and has enjoyed relaxing as much as he can. As with any surgery, it is taking his body some time to get back to 100 percent. The steroids have had the most impact, but he has started to ween on them, which will make a huge difference. Already today I noticed his upbeat personality coming back. He has been hanging tons with the kids and I and he had the luxury of going with some of his buddies golfing tonight. But, don't worry, his golfing included riding in the golf cart enjoying the scenery:) He is taking it easy but he is also SO READY to get back to work, life and normalcy. Anyone that sees him comments on how he does not look like he just had brain surgery! He looks so good!

The kids are doing amazingly well! And we are so blessed by all of the amazing things you all have sent them. What we have decided to do, is save the gifts for the kids until radiation and chemo start. We thought each day Daddy completes a day of radiation he gets to do something fun and they get something fun. We will pull out one of the gifts from each of you and make sure to let them know which special person it is from:)

David and I also spent the morning reading all the cards and opening all the packages. I wanted to do this with him when he was feeling better. We feel so humbled by all of the love out there. It truly is amazing and again such a blessing to feel so loved by so many people. The cards and the words of inspiration are huge in our healing and fight against this disease:)

Friends have also set up a care calendar for food, which I think is pretty much filled until October. This has BEEN SO NICE. For one, it has given us the opportunity to catch up with each person when they bring the food over. It is SO NICE to see everyone and to hear about you and your lives and the joys you are experiencing. And two, David LOVES the food:) As do I and the kids:) That has been super special to us.

It has also been cool to hear how many people are following the blog and praying and sharing our story. I had someone call my mom the other day and was at church in Ohio and they were praying for Dana Aynes's husband. How cool is that! You all are so amazing and your prayers are loud and God is listening to you.

I keep on wanting to thank everyone tons and feel sometimes that I am not showing enough how thankful I am. Saying that,  I hope that you all know I thank God for each of you every night. You all have given us encouragement when we needed encouragement and most importantly prayed for us. David and I could not do this with out God and could not do this with out you. And I pray that I can someday show each of you how thankful I am for what you have done for my family.

Tonight I feel God holding those pathology results, saying " I hear you, but I need you to be a little louder" Please continue to pray for good results tonight and tomorrow.

A friend Lauren Lively gave us the book, The RED SEA RULES. I am so anxious to read this book and how it compares to the journey David and I are on. It is the biblical verses and stories that often remind me, God is not new at this. And how cool is it that the same God that led through the Red Sea is leading David and I against the fight of Cancer:) Wow! Pretty neat:)

Love and Hugs!