Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Email Update from Dana, 11:05pm

Hey everyone!

What an amazing day seeing God work in his timing that is precise.

We just had an amazing evening on ESPN2 seeing David's nephew Austin, whose full name is David Austin Hurst, play in the state semi final little league baseball. He was listed on the roster as David Hurst, and they did amazing and won which puts them to states on thursday. And if they win that the National Little League they go! Just a cool experience to have ESPN there and filming the game and Austin and referring to Austin as David Hurst:)

We had a busy day once again and God was at work. Disappointing news at 430 to hear insurance would not cover MD Anderson and we would have to appeal which the process takes 5 days at least, to a call 15 min later that they would give us the opportunity to go at 9 a.m. tomorrow and have a consultation, which was going to cost $17,000 out of pocket if insurance did not cover.

So, off we go to Houston first thing in the a.m. And MD Anderson is ready to meet and recommend to Insurance that David have the procedure done there. Which, the procedure they are doing is only one that can be done at the top five Cancer Centers in the US, one of them being MD Anderson. My mind is a zombie right now, so I promise I will get all the correct terminology tomorrow.

We are tired, and we are also so comforted with the love from all of you. I keep saying this, but want to let you all know again, WE DO read every text, every email and just smile at the comforting thoughts and prayers you are sending our way. We have been so touched and see God through each of you, every day.

As far as the blog, I am going to send invites out again because some of you were having problems. You can open the blog and you need to add it to your bookmarks so that you can refer back to it! You can also go to www.hurstfamilyupdate.blogspot.com and then you can log in after you have already accepted. Please pass the word on to others that we are doing well. 

A few words to meditate over that our sweet friend Laura sent us....

* it is not that you will enjoy the trail/ wilderness but when you look back- you will see Gods footprints, his presence with you during the trail/wilderness

*Joshua 1:6-7, 9.  Be strong and courageous.....do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

*God's goal for our journey is that we not only see the miracle of his deliverance but that we experience the miracle of His provision beyond them

*1 Peter 1:6-7