Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pathology Report

Good Afternoon everyone,
Today I got a great call from the Neurosurgeon, Dr Rao.
He had very good news, he indicated he had recently received the pathology it is...
predominantly Astrocytoma Grade 3 with NO indication of Grade 4.  (small area of oligodendroglioma)  He also stated there was a mutation in the tumor which made it more susceptible to the upcoming Radiation and Chemotherapy that we will learn about on Monday from the Neuro-Oncologist, Dr Gross.
This should make the Cancer much more treatable and gives a much better prognosis, so Yeah!!!
So, great news Dana and I are so excited that everyone is praying for us!!
All is good and we love all the prayers, remember to pray for your family and yourselves.
Thanks for all the well wishes and we will keep everyone updated on Monday when we go to Houston.
David & Dana
Audrey & Parker