Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MD Anderson Update

This brief is being posted by Breck.

David and Dana are on their way to MD Anderson now.  Dana said this morning that "texts this morning are so warming."  So, they continue to appreciate messages of love and encouragement. 

I wanted to clarify one quick thing I mentioned last night.  Insurance has approved for David to go to MD Anderson but only for his initial consultation (the one that costs $17,000 out of pocket).

At this point, David has not been approved for any other care at MD Anderson.  However, insurance has allowed David and Dana to go to MD Anderson while they work on their appeal.  So, David and Dana are hopeful.

So, while this is very good news, we are still waiting to hear whether or not David will be able to be fully treated at MD Anderson.  In addition, today's appointment will bring further news about treatment options.  So, please continue to be in prayer.

Today, God, we trust you because we know that Your mighty hand is in control.  Give the doctors wisdom as they meet with David and Dana.  And give David and Dana complete peace that You, God, are in charge.  We trust you, God, because we know you are good.  Amen   

"Taste and see that the LORD is good." Psalm 34:8