Friday, August 12, 2011

Love and Prayers

Wow, What a wonderful day!!! I woke up alive with my wife and 2 children, everyone happy and in love.
Dana and I had another wonderful clinic visit with MD Anderson this morning. We met with a new neurosurgeon Dr Rao, 39yo father of twins that went to residency in Utah. He was a very likable guy with amazing charisma and very soft spoken. He made Dana feel very at ease and she and he bonded immediately. Dr Rao is well respected in the Neurosurgery field and often presents at lectures throughout the country. He wants us to have surgery in the near future and he is slated for surgery in the brain suite next Thursday and wants us there. This room is amazing with intra-operative MRI to perform MRI scans actually during surgery and is discussing an awake craniotomy, that means I would be awake to talk to them while they are cutting on my brain....ewww.
Dana and I have also been talking a lot lately about the incredible outpouring of support for our very unfortunate health dilemna. But I want everyone to know we are ok!!! I made sure of that during the past 9 years. I have secured our current financial position and we are a long way from being over-extended, even if I never go back to work, ever. I just won't be able to get that Porsche or Ferrari I have had my eye on :)
We have (had) a very healthy retirement account that we hope will grow into the future. And, I told Dana that before we could move to Texas we had to be completely out of debt except the house, that meant student loan debt..... which we paid off three months ago. Our cars are paid for and we have no credit card debt!!! Dana paid me such a wonderful compliment last week when she said she now understood why I pushed so hard for all this to occur.
We talked about all the offers for Visa check cards and gas cards and restaurant cards and cash and so on and so on. But we are ok. Really all we want are your prayers and well wishes.
Please, come by the house, see the kids, drop off a plate of food or just sit and hang out. We love all you guys and we know some are too far away but want to do something or give something but we are ok. Think of us when you have a brief quiet moment or a second when your mind is clear.
We want your prayers, lots of them, via email or text or phone call or silently or whatever. Pray with your family at dinner and at bedtime for all that God has given you and be thankful of the time you have on earth and look forward to spending eternity in heaven with him.
Please understand how much we appreciate the desire to give but it is the simplest prayers that mean the most.

We are so very blessed to know how much overwhelming support and love all of you are willing to give to us and the love you have provided my wife and kids.

You never quite get the opportunity to see how much people care about you until there is a situation like this and it is so overwhelming for us, but is a feeling everyone should feel in their lifetime.

Thanks unbelievable!

David and Dana
Audrey and Parker