Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surgery DONE!

I am just amazed how medicine has changed and where we are today. My friend Breck who has sat here with me all day reminded me, God is not always safe. That God is good but not always safe. And sometimes we don't understand His purpose, but through it we have the opportunity to see the Good and really experience joy.

Right now, I write with joy. Because, we accomplished step 1. Surgery. And with God's help, Dr. Rao was able to remove 99%of the TUMOR without touching David's Corpus Collsium or effecting any of David's speech and motor skills. He said they also kept David up most of the surgery because he wanted to keep talking:) Leave it to David not take a break, even during brain surgery.

They are confident that the tumor that they removed is a Glioma. Glioma's are brain cancer tumors that are in the brain. Nowhere else. So, there is no cancer anywhere else, which is good. These Glioma's are rated on grade levels, 1,2,3,4. He is not sure what the grade level is until we get the pathology report back, which could be Monday. But, he is sure that surgery is just the first step of treating it.

He is pretty confident that we will need to do radiation and chemo starting in 3 to 4 weeks and that this will be for 6 to 8 weeks to get rid of any of the 1% of the tumor that is left. The good thing is, this can be done in Waco.

He said that David is already up, talking and able to move everything. God is healer. The biggest concerns today were surgery, how much of Tumor could be removed and what functions David would still have. And he is doing so well that the Dr. said David could be out of the hospital as early as Saturday. That brings me such happiness as I am anxious for my kiddo's to give him a big hug.

The journey of cancer is not done. We don't know any of the above for sure, until Pathology comes back with the results. I ask prayers to continue. To continue to have God place his hand over that Tumor and take away all the ugliness it would cause in David's life. These tumor's do come back and with treatement and monitoring we can live a normal life and David can do what he has wanted and go back to work.

There are also the scary parts, this Tumor being a high grade and heavier radiation and chemo. But, after long prayer with Breck I now hold on to the fact that with God all is not good in situation but all is perfect with his strength. And I am going to continue to focus on the positives of today, that my husband had a golf ball size tumor removed in his brain with no effect to his brain! Thank you God, you are miracoulous and are there when we call on you and even we do not.

I will update everyone tonight after we see David.

I have held so strong today and it is because of you. I told Breck the hardest thing of all of this is seeing my kids miss us and seeing David's parents and friends hurt. It is God shining through all of you that we made it through today.

Through this God has taught me, be thankful for today. And when you wake up tomorrow, be thankful for tomorrow. Be thankful for the breath he gives us every day. You do that and you have nothing but happiness.

Lots of Love!