Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good news and hope

Some really good news and hope. First off, had many conversations with some of you today that told me similar stories of people who had the same thing and are fine today, praise God:)

Also, Dr. Levinthal, David's friends Dad who was a neurosurgeon at MD Anderson and now a spinal surgeon at Fort Hood reviewed the MRI today. He felt that the tumor did not touch the corpus callosum like they may think, which is SO GOOD! But, again won't know until surgery. He also said that he strongly believes we need surgery to take it out and not do biopsy and all that other stuff, just get it out!

We have heard more great things of the neurosurgeon we met with yesterday, even though I didn't feel he was that warm. And we were reminded today by our friend Breck, this is in God's hands. No matter who the doctor, GOD IS IN CONTROL! We feel positive today, we feel hopeful and we are doing lots of family things to enjoy life and the breath we are each given. We are getting several opinions from fellow colleagues of David's and will make the decision God guides us to. The good thing about MD Anderson is the advances in technology that they have and that is what we have been told.

We are also going to our primary physician at 1230 to check on paper work. She has been AWESOME!

David's parents should be arriving in next couple hours and we will go attend his nephews baseball game. Who looks like may just make it to nationals:)

Please continue prayers, strength, and we feel so much love from each of you!

Had to give a quick update, love to all!