Monday, August 15, 2011

New Day - 100% Payment for Care

Today is a great day!!!
Parker, Bella and I took off for a 2.5 mile walk for about an hour.
Then, at 10am, Dana and I had plans to head to Temple for a full day of Debate and Discussion with anyone we could get an audience.  I had plans to track down my good friend and boss Dr Stone and then map out my day.  Peyton, our babysitter was due to arrive and I was jumping in the shower when the phone rang and Dr Stone told me he spoke with Dr Robert Pryor, the CEO of Scott and White Hospital system.  Dr Pryor said that all was done and I would get full 100% coverage for all costs of all tests and all surgery at MD Anderson.
Wow, this is actually the first time I cried during the entire process.  I immediately told Dana and called my parents.  What a Blessing.  What a relief.
Seeing the MRI with the big tumor was shocking but I knew it was just something I had to deal with and have removed.
I had long conversations on Friday trying to get someone at SWHP HMO, anyone, besides a secretary or clerk to listen to me and make the right decision.  Then, on Friday night @ 5:15p I had a disappointing conversation with the CEO of the HMO, he was very pleased with 50% reimbursement.  Obviously, Dana and I were not and we were planning on fighting this as far as possible to get the 100% we feel we and all HMO employees deserve!
So, Today is an amazing Blessing and we are so thankful to everyone that has prayed and supported us.  It is difficult being on the opposite side of health care, I have spent the past 20 years working on the doctor side and it is good to see the perspective of the patient.  Often, things in the ED happen so fast and the good and bad news is so instantaneous and then I am off to another room for some minor emergency.  I try hard to spend as much time as possible with every patient but I have to rely on my support team to stay and comfort.  (usually chaplain, Social worker, charge nurse & primary nurse)
I wish I had more time to spend with the patients and families, it is so vitally important and I see it more now then ever before.  I hope this makes me a better doctor, one with more compassion and better listening skills.  One that can convey the sense that I understand and I care.
Once again, thank everyone for their prayers and texts and calls, it is truly appreciated.  Dana needs all the support, I am tough and can bounce through this.  Dana has been absolutely wonderful and strong and a champion by my side and she needs you to continue to lift her up and keep her up.
Thank you all so very much.  Kiss your family for us and pray for them as well.
Surgery on Thursday morning.  Leave for Houston Tuesday night.

Love always
David and Dana
Audrey and Parker