Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Headed to Houston for Surgery !!! YEAH !!!

We took off out of Waco tonight at 6:30p, after an enjoyable dinner at home with the kids! Fresh home-made enchiladas with beans and rice brought over by one of the girls in our church small group! I need this surgery to be over or I am going to gain 100#!!
Our close friends Tom and Sheryl Carroll and their two kids (and Audrey's best friends) are staying at our house with Audrey and Parker just to try to keep things as normal as possible! We have been talking to Audrey a lot this past 2 weeks about the booboo in my head and that we have to have surgery to take it out so I will stay normal. It's funny, she will ask where it is again and then look, sometimes she says she sees it, sometimes not. She gave me her build a bear Hunter to take with me to the Hospital. (I named him & he is camo! & technically a gift from her to me from the neighbors).
We took pictures today as a family and that was great, I think Dana sent out a bunch of pictures! Brittany, the photographer is so special, she is a friend of a friend of Dana's and volunteered to take the pictures for us! Great photographer!
The girls from Bexley also put together a great music/photo collage on animoto, I hope everyone gets to see it, it is one of the few times I shed a tear! True masterpiece of our past 9 years.
So, we are on the road to Houston tonight to stay at my parents house then get up early for a full day of tests and consultations. We begin at 7:30a with lab tests then repeat MRI, then neuro-psych testing (cognitive tests) then another hi-tech neuro functional MRI then EKG and then hopefully finish with our anesthesia consultation around 1 or 2p. Super long day! That is when they will tell me what time to show up for surgery Thursday morning.

I am not really sure it has totally hit me yet! It has been quite a journey and I owe a million people a million prayers, and I plan on praying them back for many years!
I have had several very good and heartfull conversations with a lot of close friends about the whole ordeal, from initial symptoms and neurology consult then MRI. Thank all of you for your time and listening during those conversations as I am sure I rambled on, and I am sorry I could not call all of my close friends to ramble!
One thing that has been so unbelievably steady has been my lovely wife Dana. I often forget she is younger than me but she has been my champion these past two weeks! It is through her amazingly strong faith in God and all of her friends and church circles that we have all the support we do! Dana is my everything and without her I would be totally lost, I could never have found a better friend or companion through this journey or life! I appreciate her more and more every moment of everyday!
We look forward to a good day and relaxing evening and will keep everyone informed!
I will turn the blog over to Dana until I am back! God bless everyone and please continue your prayers for us and your own families! We love you all!