Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day of surgery! YEAH!!

Good morning everyone,
We have arrived at MD Anderson this bright beautiful morning to have surgery!
Yesterday was a long busy day which included a handful of neuro-psychiatric and memory tests and then a really cool functional MRI, it showed areas of my brain that highlighted when it was stimulated by thoughts or movements! Very cool! My MRI tech's name was Jorel, Superman's Krypton name! Also cool.
I slept surprisingly well last night and feel well rested! Dana & I woke up in a great mood and ready for today! I wish I could have gone on a run with Bella and the kids, but I can do that next week.
Last night we had a great dinner with family and friends and this morning drove over to the hospital with Dana, my parents & Ron Dorsett, a very long term friend my brother and I have known since elementary school.
We have several family expected to come and sit today while I'm in surgery and I know Dana will have plenty of company!
I will head to the Operating Room at 7:30am
Surgery could last 6-8 hours! We are planning intraoperative MRI during the surgery and I think we are planning an awake craniotomy! That means 1/3 the way through surgery they will wake me up during surgery, take all the airway stuff out and said I will talk just like sitting in an office interview, only strapped down and my head locked into a clamp so I cannot move at all.
It is now 6:05 and I am in pre-op, gowned up with TED hose stockings.
Go to surgery at 7:30.
Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers and cards and love!
Dana is a very special woman and she has been wonderful throughout this entire process! She is my champion and I could not have done it without her! I love her very much.
God bless all! We will update after surgery.